According to the verses of The Qur’an, what are the characteristics of a person Allah, The Almighty loves?

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According to the verses of The Qur’an, what are the characteristics of a person Allah, The Almighty loves?
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The translations of the relevant verses mentioned in the question are as follows :

The surah Al-Baqarah :

1. Alif. Lām. Mīm. 2. This is the (most honored, matchless) Book: there is no doubt about it (its Divine authorship and that it is a collection of pure truths throughout) — a guidance for the God-revering, pious who keep their duty to God.

3. Those who believe in the Unseen, establish the Prayer in conformity with its conditions, and out of what We have provided for them (of wealth, knowledge, power, etc. ,), they spend (to provide sustenance for the needy and in God's cause, purely for the good pleasure of God and without placing others under obligation. )

4. And those who believe in what is sent down to you, and what was sent down before you (such as the Torah, Gospel and Psalms, and the Scrolls of Abraham), and in the Hereafter, they have certainty of faith.

5. Those (illustrious ones) stand on true guidance (originating in the Qur'ān) from their Lord; and they are those who are the prosperous.

195. (Just retaliation, as well as war or other defensive measures to maintain your existence, are not possible without expense. So) spend in God's cause (out of whatever you have) and do not ruin yourselves by your own hands (by refraining from spending. Whatever you do,) do it in the best way, in the awareness that God sees it. Surely God loves those who are devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them.

222.They also ask you about (the injunctions concerning) menstruation. Say: "It is a state of hurt (and ritual impurity), so keep away from them during their menstruation and do not approach them until they are cleansed. When they are cleansed, then (you can) go to them inasmuch as God has commanded you (according to the urge He has placed in your nature, and within the terms He has enjoined upon you). Surely God loves those who turn to Him in sincere repentance (of past sins and errors), and He loves those who cleanse themselves.

The surah Al-‘Imran :

76. On the contrary (what God decrees is this): Whoever fulfills his pledge and keeps from disobedience to God in due reverence for Him and piety, surely God loves the God-revering, pious.

134. They spend (out of what God has provided for them,) both in ease and hardship, ever-restraining their rage (even when provoked and able to retaliate), and pardoning people (their offenses). God loves (such) people who are devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them.

146. And how many a Prophet has had to fight (for God's cause), followed by numbers of godly, dedicated servants of God; and they did not become faint of heart for all that befell them in God's cause, nor did they weaken, nor did they abase themselves (before the enemy). And God loves the patient and steadfast.

148. So God granted them the reward of this world as well as the best reward of the Hereafter. Indeed, God loves those devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them.

159. It was by a mercy from God that (at the time of the setback), you (O Messenger) were lenient with them (your Companions). Had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would surely have scattered away from about you. Then pardon them, pray for their forgiveness, and take counsel with them in the affairs (of public concern); and when you are resolved (on a course of action), put your trust in God. Surely God loves those who put their trust (in Him).

The surah Al-Ma’idah:

13. Then, because of their breaking their pledge, We cursed them (excluding them from Our mercy and exposing them to many disasters), and caused their hearts to harden. They alter words from their context (in order to distort their meanings), and they have forgotten a (most important) portion of what they were admonished about. You will not cease to light upon some act of treachery from them, except a few of them. Yet pardon them, and overlook (their misdeeds). Surely God loves those devoted to doing good deeds, aware that God is seeing them.

42. Listening out for lies and falsehood eagerly, and consuming unlawful earnings greedily! If they come to you (for judgment), you may either judge between them or turn away from them (and decline to give judgment). If you turn away from them, they cannot harm you in any way. But if you judge, judge between them with equity and justice. Surely God loves the scrupulously equitable.

54. O you who believe! Whoever of you turns away from his Religion, (know that) in time, God will raise up a people whom He loves, and who love Him, most humble towards the believers, dignified and commanding in the face of the unbelievers, striving (continuously and in solidarity) in God's cause, and fearing not the censure of any who censure. That is God's grace and bounty, which He grants to whom He wills. God is All-Embracing (with His profound grace), All-Knowing.

93. There is no sin on those who believe and do good, righteous deeds for what they might have partaken (in their pre-Islamic past), provided (henceforth) they fear (the end of their previous creeds and misdeeds) and come to faith and do good, righteous deeds, then keep from disobedience to God in reverence for Him and piety and believe (more profoundly), then be more meticulous in obeying God in greater reverence for Him and piety, and be devoted to doing good: God loves those who are devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them.


The surah At-Taubah :

4. Excepting those among the people who associate partners with God with whom you made a treaty, and who have not thereafter failed to fulfill their obligations towards you (required by the treaty), nor have backed anyone against you. Observe, then, your treaty with them until the end of the term (that you agreed with them). Surely God loves the God-revering, pious (who keep their duties to Him).

7. How could there be a covenant with those who associate partners with God (and recognize no laws and treaty) on the part of God and His Messenger? – excepting those with whom you made a treaty in the vicinity of the Sacred Mosque: (as for the latter) so long as they remain true to you, be true to them. Surely God loves the God-revering, pious (who keep their duties to Him).

108. Do not stand in that mosque to do the Prayer. The mosque that was founded on piety and reverence for God from the very first days (in Madīnah) is worthy that you should stand in it for the Prayer. In it are men who love to be purified (of all spiritual and moral blemishes). God loves those who strive to purify themselves.

The surah Al Hujuraat :

9. If two parties of believers fall to fighting, make peace between them (and act promptly). But if one of them aggressively encroaches the rights of the other, then fight you all against the aggressive side until they comply with God's decree (concerning the matter). If they comply, then make peace between them with justice and be scrupulously equitable. Surely God loves the scrupulously equitable.


The surah Al-Hashr :

9. Those who, before their coming, had their abode (in Madīnah), preparing it as a home for Islam and faith, love those who emigrate to them for God's sake, and in their hearts do not begrudge what they have been given; and (indeed) they prefer them over themselves, even though poverty be their own lot. (They, too, have a share in such gains of war. ) Whoever is guarded against the avarice of his own soul – those are the ones who are truly prosperous.


The surah Al-Mumtahana:

8. God does not forbid you, as regards those who do not make war against you on account of your Religion, nor drive you away from your homes, to be kindly to them, and act towards them with equity. God surely loves the scrupulously equitable.


The surah As-Saff :

4. God surely loves those who fight in His cause in ranks as though they were a firm and solid structure.

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