“Patience and prayer are two nice weapons of a believer.” Is the statement above a hadith? If yes, how should we understand it?

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"Patience and prayer are two nice weapons of a believer."

The statement above is narrated as a hadith. (see Kanzul-Ummal, III/272, h.no: 6505)

Patience is a power of endurance that gives us resistance against hardships and difficulties. It is emphasized in the hadith that those who do it truly are believers. For, the power of endurance of man is limited. Patience is a truly unique weapon in the hands of a person who believes in Allah, who will increase his power, who is ready everywhere with His knowledge and who overcomes every difficulty. He can resist against all hardships and overcome all difficulties with patience.

On the other hand, what transforms all problems into joy - like a machine that cleans everything - is belief in the hereafter. He who believes in the hereafter has the power to say “Ya Hu! This will also end,” in the face of the hard tests of the world. He says, “Ya Sabur” (O the Patient One) in the face of all kinds of suffering in order to attain eternal health just like a patient who takes bitter medicine in order to get well.   

What made Hz. Yusuf attain the sultanate of Egypt from slavery is his patience.

Patience is a unique weapon to fulfil Allah’s commands as it is a weapon against the enemy called haram; it is also the most powerful weapon against misfortunes.  

Dua (prayer) is a weapon originating from belief. Above all, believing in Allah, who sees his most secret memories, the deepest groaning of his heart, the finest flaps of his mind and who hears his silent cries and loud calls and who is ready with His knowledge and power all the time is such a weapon that there is no enemy it cannot overcome.

The weapon that saved Hz. Yusuf from the stomach of the fish and Hz. Eyyub from the most severe illness was dua (prayer). It is not in question for the weapon of dua that is used sincerely, properly, on time and at the time of need to miss the target as long as it is not stained by the virus of haste and hopelessness.

According to the narration from Ali regarding the issue, the Prophet (pbuh) said,

“Dua is the weapon of the believer, the pillar of the religion, and the light of the heavens and the earth.” (see Hakim, Mustadrak, I/492)

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