Fasting in Ramadan strikes direct blows at the soul’s pharaoh-like front, shattering it. It demonstrates its impotence, weakness, and want. It makes it realize that it is a slave. (The Twenty - Ninth Letter)

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The one who offers the supplications knows that there is Someone Who hears the wishes of his heart, Whose hand can reach all things, Who can bring about each of his desires, Who takes pity on his impotence, and answers his poverty. (The Words)

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With Him are the keys of the Unseen, the treasures that none knoweth but He. He knoweth whatever there is on the earth, and in the sea. Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered) but is (inscribed) in a Record Clear (to those who can read). (Surah Al-Anaam 59)

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What makes high ethics and high characters adhere to the truth and what makes that ethics live constantly are seriousness and loyalty. If loyalty disappears and falsehood intervenes, that man will be a toy for other people just like the leaves that become toys for winds. (Signs of Miraculousness)

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Here the Qur’an is saying in the face of rebellious man’s denials, who is as though challenging the Qur’an by saying, “Who will raise to life rotten bones?”, “Whoever created them in the first place, He will raise them to life. And that Creator knows every single aspect of every single thing. Furthermore, He who provides fire for you from the green tree, is able to give life to dry bones.” (The Words)

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O my Lord, Distress has seized me, but You are the most merciful of those who have mercy. (Surah Al-Anbiya, 83)

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This world which is like a palace, and country which is like town, has a single maker and that it is only he who runs and administers everything. He is completely free of all deficiency. This maker, who does not appear to us, sees us and everything, and hears our words.
All his works are miracles and marvels. All these creatures whom we see but whose tongues we do not understand are his officials. (The Words)

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The following is reported from in the Musnad of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal from Hafsa, the wife of the Prophet (pbuh):
“There are four things that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) never abandoned:
Fasting on the day of Ashura, fasting three days every month, fasting ten days
in the month of Dhul-hijjah and performing two rak'ahs before the morning
prayer. Kutub as-Sitta

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I leave you two things. If you adhere to them, you will not deviate. One of them is the book of Allah; the other is my sunnah. They will not separate from each other until they reach the Pond of Kawthar. (Hadith - Jamiu's-Saghir - 3923)

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"Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and anything we may have done that transgressed our duty; establish our feet firmly and help us against those that resist Faith." (Aal-i Imran 147)

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