Zayd bin Dasinna (r.a.)

Hz. Zayd (r.a.) is one of the two oppressed people who were caught together with Hz. Hubayb by the polytheists and taken to Makkah. When they arrived in Makkah, Safwan bin Umayya bought Hz. Zayd for 50 camels in order to take the revenge of his father, who was killed in Badr. 

Safwan chained Hz. Zayd and locked him in. After torturing him for a while. Safwan took him to the place called Tan'im in order to hang him.

Hz. Zayd became a Muslim after the Migration. He was one of the notables of the tribe of Khazraj and Ansar; he was also a student of the Prophet at Suffa. After the Migration, the Prophet made Hz. Zayd brothers with Khalid bin Bukayr, one of the Muhajirs. Hz. Khalid was one of the members of the committee of guidance; he was one of the seven people that were martyred by the polytheists. Hz. Zayd took part in the Battles of Badr and Uhud; he fought heroically there.

The notables of the polytheists gathered there. They put up a palm trunk to hang Hz. Zayd. He asked permission for standing in the presence of Allah and performed a prayer of two rak'ahs. He was about to reach his Lord blamelessly, with a clean heart and a lucid spirit. The gallows was a means of reaching the hereafter for him. The hell-like affairs of unbelief blackened the faces of the polytheists so much that they did not look like human beings. Their eyes were bloody due to the feeling of revenge.

Then, they grabbed Hz. Zayd and tied him to the dry palm trunk.

The polytheists made the same disgusting proposal that they made to every Muslim that they executed to Hz. Zayd bin Dasinna: "Give up this religion, which emerged afterwards, and accept our religion so that we will set you free." Hz. Zayd shouted at the polytheists his insistent and serious decision: "No! I swear by Allah that I will never give up my religion and faith."

Abu Sufyan approached Hz. Zayd and asked him, "O Zayd! Tell me the truth if you love Allah. Would you not like Muhammad to be here to be hanged and yourself to live with your family?"

The Companions, who did not hesitate to sacrifice their most beloved things and people for the sake of the Prophet by saying, "My my mother and father be sacrificed for you!", filled their veins with the following hadith and showed it throughout their lives: "None of you will be a real believer unless you love me more than you children, father and everybody." Hz. Zayd answered the repeated proposal of Abu Sufyan as follows: 

"I would never like to be relaxing with my family if Hz Muhammad (pbuh) were here instead of me and I would never like a thorn to prick his foot."

These silencing words astonished Abu Sufyan, who said. "I have never seen anybody who loves a person more than the Companions of Muhammad love him."

After these talks, the decision of the polytheists was certain. Safwan bin Umayya beckoned to his freed slave to kill Hz. Zayd. Nistas drove his spear into the chest of Hz. Zayd; it came out of his back. Thus, Hz. Zayd, a lover of the Prophet, was elevated to his rank in Paradise.

When the Prophet was informed about the martyrdom of Hz. Zayd, he prayed for Zayd.

Regarding the execution of the people in the committee of guidance as an opportunity, the hypocrites (munafiqs) tried to cause mischief. They started to walk among the people of Madinah saying, "It is a pity that they were killed by torture. They could not relax with their families; they could not fulfill the duty of guidance, either." They tried to pretend to pity them. 

Upon this mischief of the hypocrites, Allah Almighty sent down the following verse:

"And there is the type of man who gives his life to earn the pleasure of Allah; and Allah is full of kindness to (His) devotees."

Allah Almighty praised the sacrifice of those Companions.

May Allah be pleased with them!

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