The Work of a Divine Grace and Help



In the hope of complying with the meaning of the verse,

But the favour of your Sustainer, rehearse and proclaim,

I shall mention a mark of Almighty Allah’s favour and mercy which was apparent in the writing of this treatise, so that those who read it may understand its importance.

I had no intention of writing this treatise, for the Nineteenth and Thirty-First Words about the messengership of Muhammad (PBUH) had been written. Then suddenly I felt a compelling impulse to write it. Also my power of memory had been extinguished due to the calamities I had suffered. Moreover, in accordance with my way, I had not taken the path of narrative, that is, “he said that,” “it was said that,” in the works I had written. Furthermore, I had no books of Hadith or the Prophet’s biography available to me. Nevertheless, saying: “I place my trust in Allah,” I began. It was extremely successful, and my memory assisted me in a way that surpassed even that of the Old Said. Thirty to forty pages were written at speed every two or three hours. Once fifteen pages were written in a single hour. It was mostly narrated from such books as Bukhari, Muslim, Bayhaqi, Tirmidhi, Shifa’ al-Sharif, Abu Na‘im, and Tabari. My heart was trembling, because if there had been any error in relating them -since they are Hadiths- it would have been a sin. But it was clear that Divine favour was with us and there was need for the treatise. Allah willing, what has been written is sound. If perhaps there are any errors in the wording of some of the Hadiths or in the names of the narrators, I request that my brothers will look on them tolerantly and correct them.

S a i d N u r s i

Ustad Said Nursi, our master, dictated and we wrote the first draft. He had no books with him, nor did he refer to any. He would suddenly dictate at great speed, and we wrote. We would write thirty, forty, and sometimes more, pages in two or three hours. We formed the conviction that this success was itself a wonder proceeding from the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Abdullah Çavus
His student in permanent attendance on him.

Süleyman Sami
His scribe of rough drafts in permanent attendance on him.

Hâfiz Halid
His scribe of rough drafts in permanent attendance on him.

Hâfiz Tevfik
His scribe of rough and final drafts.


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