Will you give information about the reality of revelation and the aim of the message of divine revelation?

“I have only created jinn and men, that they may serve Me.” (adh-Dhariyat, 51/56)

As it is stated in the verse above, the Sublime Creator makes Himself known through His attributes like knowledge, will, life and power; He will also use His speech, which makes those names and attributes known in the shortest way. (Nursi, Şualar (Rays), p.103) That Allah talks to some distinguished people among His slaves in order to make Himself known along with His deeds expresses the reality and the purpose of the divine revelation.  

According to Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, one of the greatest scholars of this age, the reality the purpose of the message of revelation, which was unanimously informed by one hundred thousand prophets and which was shown through evidences by divine books and pages, can be proved very clearly like the rays of sunlight. (see Şualar  Yedinci Şua (Rays, Seventh Ray))

Divine condescension:

The concept“divine condescension” means God's condescension to speak to His creatures especially to humans, whom He created in the best mold, as their true deity.  

Allah, who makes all of His living beings speak and who knows their speech, speaks and joins their talks as an indication and necessity of his deity and dominicality /creativity and administration, and true lordship. Allah's speaking to human beings means His addressing them in a way that they can understand in accordance with the level of their minds and His condescension to His creatures as their Creator with His mercy. 

Dominical Self-proclamation:

The concept“dominical self-proclamation” means Allah's condescension to make Himself known to His creatures as an administrator who creates, leads and governs all beings/the Lord of the realms as a grace.

Allah, who created this universe with wonders all over the universe through limitless expenditure, who makes thousands of tongues express His perfection and who declares His endless knowledge and power, will definitely make Himself known through His own speech.

Compassionate Response:

The concept“compassionate response” means Allah's (who is the most Compassionate and the most Merciful) responding to the requests of humans, who need Him regarding everything, by showing His compassion and giving them what they need.  

Along with responding the requests and thanks of humans, who are the most distinguished, delicate beings that desire to meet their Creator the most but who are also the poorest, weakest and neediest beings, by giving them the things that they want, Allah also speaks to them as a necessity of being their Creator.  

Divine Conversation:

The concept“Divine conversation” means Allah's (who is free and away from all kinds of incomplete and deficient attributes) speaking to His creatures - especially to human beings - through His revelation, which is free and away from all kinds of imperfection. 

The attribute of speech, which is an indispensible necessity and a luminous manifestation of knowledge and life, is definitely present in Allah, who has an all-encompassing, endless knowledge, in a comprehensive, endless, limitless and continuous form. Divine revelation is a manifestation of this endless speech/a reflection of the innumerable speeches.

Eternal Self-communication:

The concept“eternal self-communication” means Allah, who is not in need of anything, makes Himself known to His creatures, especially human beings, who are always in need of Him, through speech, which is the strongest evidence of His existence, and makes them feel that He is always with them with His knowledge and power as an authority that meets all of their needs.

It is a necessity of the divinity of Allah to introduce His personality, which has the power to find cures for any problems and illnesses, to His creatures, especially to human beings, who are the cutest, most compassionate, most worried about life, the neediest, the beings that desire the most to meet their Creator, by talking to them and by giving enthusiasm and love to their spirits along with creating them as poor and weak beings. (see Nursi, ibid)

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