Where is Allah?

We were sitting on a rock, looking at the flowing water...

A friend of mine sitting next to me was silent, immersed in his private world...

I glanced at him and said to myself, “What is he thinking about?”

After watching the bubbles in the water for a while, he looked up and turned to me. I looked at him and saw that a familiar expression appeared on his face. He was going to ask something...

“Tell me,” he said, by expressing all his curiosity through his voice, “Is there a limit to the universe?”

I said, “Definitely.”

“Well, what is beyond that limit?”

“Limitless space... There is no matter beyond, neither time nor space...”

“Is Allah somewhere beyond that limit?”

“No... One should not seek the master within the work... The creator cannot be in the created thing...”

“Then, He must be somewhere beyond the border...”

“Never! He is neither in the universe nor anywhere beyond the border...”

“Well, where is He then?”

In the face of that great question, I kept silent and thought for a long time... He respected my silence and waited without losing his curiosity...

I said, “You have started from a wrong point while asking the question...”


“The question “Where” evokes a place. Taking up space is in question for material beings. The question ‘Where?’ asked about Allah is a product of thinking as follows: ‘Allah is like other beings; they occupy a place; so, He must have a place.’ If you consider the being that has endless attributes as a material being, you will make a mistake in the first place and get stuck...”

He said in an uneasy manner, “I hope you will not misunderstand me. I am a believer. That is why I am curious... Man wants to get to know the being he believes in. I am trying to imagine but it does not work...”

“Your imagination is limited. What is limited cannot encompass what is unlimited... Allah is neither matter, nor an object; He does not take up space either... The idea of ​​place is meaningless for a being that is free from matter...”

He kept silent… He looked at the sky and watched the clouds for a while. Then, he said, “We probably we rely too much on our mind ...”

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