What is the Ruling of Islam on Suicide Bomb Attacks?

Suicide is giving end to life. However, is the person entitled to end his own life?

Did Allah, who granted him the life and flesh, give him permission destroy his life by committing suicide? Does man have such a permission allowing him to eradicate his life?

The answer to this question is very important. If the answer is not taken into consideration, it cannot be clearly perceived why suicide is forbidden by Islam. Our Lord sent the delicate and transparent soul of the human being within a flesh to this earth. Did He give it to man as a possession of his or as a trust for keeping. That is to say, is man the possessor or guest of his body?

That is the main point to be determined! It is not at all any problem if he is the proprietor of his body. He is entitled to do whatever he wishes to his body. It is because it is his property. If he is not, then he is to preserve the trust. He cannot have the right to destroy it.

Thus, this flesh and life are not our own possession but a guesthouse granted to us in order to preserve our spirit. In this case, we cannot attempt to blow up the divine work of art entrusted to us. We cannot destroy it by going on hunger strike, which is wrongly called death fast

We cannot show any inclination towards suicide because of the desperation caused by economical and social troubles. We cannot explode our body using it as a live bomb. None of these bodies, organs, hands, feet, eyes, were made by us; nor are they our work of arts. He that creates this work of art and then bestows it on us permits us to make use of the body as a guesthouse. We are allowed to fix it but not allowed to ruin it.

Therefore, Islam bans all sorts of suicides, which means to detonate the body that we do not own, and some Islamic scholars hold the opinion that at the funeral prayer of the person committing suicide cannot be performed since he has destroyed the structure of Allah.

As a matter of fact, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi made an engrossing statement attracting our attention to the truth that this flesh and maintenance of the body are not left to our hands.

Oh man! Know that the flesh, body and organs granted to you by God Almighty are entrusted you. In other words, God Almighty entrusted his own property to you so that you can make use of it, He bestowed it upon you so that you can take advantage of it.

Seeing that the life and the requirements and necessities of the life given to you areyoure your property but they are entrusted to you, that is, it has been given you as a trust for safekeeping so that you can meet your needs. Then, you must behave in accordance with the fact that you are a holder of trust. For instance, a person invites visitors to a feast and renders permissible benefiting from the goods and food in the guest house; but he does not give them you as your own possession; the thing to do at a banquet is to use it in compliance with the consent of the house owner. Then, you can not waste it or offer it to others, nor can you give it as charity to others by picking it from the table, pour out or lose it. Had it been given him as his property, he, then, could have done those and acted however he wished. Similarly, by blowing up your body, you cannot put an end to the body The Almighty God bestowed it on you only for your utilization.

You cannot remove your eyes, nor can you employ them for looking at haram (forbidden things), which means making them blind; you can not engage your ear, tongue and devices like these for haram things; you cannot kill them spiritually. You cannot kill the animals whose meat is forbidden to eat and so forth unnecessarily. For this reason, all the bounties filling this universe require you that you must make use of these blessings in compliance with the permission by The Landlord, the All-Beauteous One of Perfection, the homeowner of this earth.(Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, Letters of Barla, 250th Letter)

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