What kind of method did the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) follow in the way he invited peoples into Islam?

After the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had been a target to the unscrupulous and ignoble treatments in Taef, he then got back to Mecca, where he received far worse reaction and opposition from polytheists. Nevertheless, he never in the slightest hesitated to convey his message. On the contrary, after he returned from Taef, he made the field of calling-to-Islam even broader and began to invite peoples into Islam.

Certainly, the rapid spreading of a cause is directly proportional to its firm adherents of merit and with good standing. Knowing the importance of this fact, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) often went to the Arabian tribes in order to both call them to Islam and use them as a force to the Quraishian polytheists.

Each one of the tribe chiefs refrained from entering Islam by using different pretexts. They also prevented some who really were thinking of choosing Islam from becoming Muslims. Moreover, some of them even insulted the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), let alone become Muslims. They came after him wherever he went. Doubtlessly, the fact that the polytheists were spreading a nasty propaganda based on lies and slanders played an important role in the tribesmen not choosing Islam.

The Noble Prophet (pbuh) never neglected to pay a visit to the fairs called Oqaz, Majanna, Zoul-Majaz, which were established at certain times of the year, and to talk to the tribes who were present there and preach Islam. However, his uncle and incorrigible enemy, Abu Lahab, also often came along with him and tried to hinder peoples contacting him by accusing the Prophet (pbuh) of reverting from the traditional belief and cheating people.

The Noble Prophet (pbuh) did not preach Islam among the tribesmen in general, but he often talked to their chiefs about Islam. For tribesmen had a huge reverence and loyalty to their chiefs. A chiefs choosing Islam would have meant his whole tribes choosing Islam. Because of this reason, the Noble Messenger (pbuh) followed the way, which would lead him to the achievement as soon as possible.

We see that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in conveying a message carried out a significant principle: to start with the respected ones if possible. If the respected ones of any community accepted and adopted a belief, that would lead an easy way for the ordinary man to accept and adopt it as well.

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