What is the Judgment for Makruh?

It earns a person reward to abandon makruh tahrimi. If it is committed, punishment in the hereafter is possible. That is, it is feared that a person who commits a makruh tahrimi will be accounted and tortured in the hereafter. This view belongs to Imam A’zam and Abu Yusuf. As for Imam Muhammad, he regards makruh tahrimi as haram. He says torture in the hereafter is definite.

Committing a makruh tanzihi does not entail torture. However, abandoning it has more rewards.

To regard makruh as halal is a mistake but it does not make a person exit Islam.

If the word makruh is used without tanzihi or tahrimi in fiqh books, makruh tahrimi is meant.


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