What is it to be pleased with the destiny and what is the suitable limit in doing so?

Being pleased with the destiny means being contented with ones share from the divine ordainment. Man should be pleased both with such results that are ordained without his will as being born to his own family, coming to world in this era, his gender, color, race and with the results that emerge after he has used his will and power for a specific aim.

A statement of evaluation from the Risale-i Nur Collection:

In no way do beings have any rights before the Necessarily Existent One, nor can they claim them; their right rather is to carry out through offering thanks and praise, what is required by the degree of existence He has given them.
For all the degrees of existence that are given are occurrences, and each requires a cause. Degrees, which are not given, are possibilities, and possibilities are non-existent, as well as being infinite. As for instances of non-existence, they do not require a cause. For example, minerals cannot say: "Why weren't we plants?" they cannot complain. Rather, their right, since they have received mineral existence, is to offer thanks to their Creator. And plants may not complain asking why they were not animals; their right is to offer thanks, since they have received life as well as existence. As for animals, they may not complain that they are not humans; the right over them rather, since they have been given the precious substance of spirit in addition to life and existence, is to offer thanks. And so on...
O complaining man! You did not remain non-existent; you were clothed in the bounty of existence, you tasted life. You did not remain inanimate, nor become an animal; you received the bounty of Islam; you did not remain in misguidance; you have experienced the bounties of good health and well-being! (The Letters, First Station, First Sign)

When ranks of existence are mentioned, it reminds us firstly of the lifeless, half-living, animals and humans. The distance between existence and non-existence is endless. The existent is bestowed a great honor, whether it is stone, fire or star.

The distance between the lifeless and the half-living is also endless. The plant is given a great favor, whether it is clover, milk vetch, or poplar. The distance between the plant and the animal is also endless. Being alive is a great honor, whether be an insect, a hen, or a rabbit.

As for human, there is such a great distance between him and the animal that it is taken as an insult to call a man animal; whether this animal is nightingale, canary or gazelle. Let us ask this question to the ones who are not pleased with the big share allocated to him from the bounty of existence and who are virtually offended by the fate: A human without a small garden of his own and a lion that dominates the forest. Which one of these two options would you choose?

Let us continue with the options: Man who most often cannot find the chance to go swimming and; fish, which does not leave the sea. Man who cannot make a couple of plane travels a year and; bird, which flies for hours everyday. Man who cannot find the means to wear 100% woolen clothes and; sheep, which wears wool for all its life. In short, man who suffers from all kinds of poverties and; any animal which has no trouble, suffering, or distresses.

Every one will find such question nonsense and will say, I would not want any pleasure or delight of this world if there is no humanity. As is articulated in the quotation we made, no one has the right to complain, finding his share small that is bestowed from the bounty of existence. He is only responsible for offering his thanks for the favors he is given.

Is not it the case actually? For an animal to complain saying: Why am I not human? it should set out with the hypothesis that before the world was set man and animal were tested. Although the animal has passed this test, it could not be human. In spite of this, the honor to be human would be given to this one and it would stay as animal.

Nobody has taken such an examination. Neither plants have overtaken the lifeless in such a test, nor animals have plants, and nor humans have animals. Everyone and everything were created from nothingness; i.e. they were saved from non-existence and they thus reached existence. Again, everything and everybody are obliged to offer their thanks for the ranks of existence of their own.

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