What is the difference between the other Divine Books and the Quran?

None of the books that were sent before the Quran and that are present today are the original books that Allah sent down to His prophets. Their original copies were lost during the course of time; they were rewritten by human beings. Therefore, some additions were made and superstitions were included. For instance, it is a historical truth that the Torah could not be protected by Jews, who lived as slaves and in exile for many centuries and who lost their belief and became idolaters and that the copy that is present today was written by some Jewish rabbis and accepted as a religious book. It is obvious that the book that emerged after such a long and complicated period cannot be the same book that was sent to Moses. Therefore, there are slanders and claims that are not suitable for prophets; there are also some decrees that are contrary to the essence of the religion of oneness in the Torah.

The Psalms, which consisted of prayers and hymns, sent down to Prophet Dawud underwent the same consequence.

As for the Gospel (Bible), Jesus Christ did not have the revelations that were sent to him written. He became a prophet when he was 30 and his prophethood ended when he was 33 years old. He traveled from village to village, from town to town in order to teach people in three years, which is a short time. He was always followed by the men of Roman administrators due to the provocation of Jews in his last year. He could not have enough time or opportunity to have the Gospel written.  As a matter of fact, today the Gospels (Bibles) are called by the names of their authors and they are like  biographies that include the preaches, lessons and the guidance of Jesus to his disciples. Besides, those who wrote them were not the disciples of Jesus, who were the first believers, but those who listened to the divine words that were sent down to Jesus from his disciples. 

There are some differences in terms of narration and content in the Bibles that are present today. As a matter of fact those Bibles were approved by the council consisting of 1000 bishops that gathered in Nicaea in A.D. 325. That council inspected hundreds of Bibles and accepted the present four Bibles, which advocated the divinity of Jesus Christ, with the unanimity of 318 members and destroyed the others by burning them. 

As it is seen, the principle that Jesus is the son of God was accepted by the decision of a council many years after the death of Jesus. Some Christian churches did not accept that decision. Therefore, it is impossible to say that the four Bibles that are present today are the same as the original Bible sent down to Jesus.

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