What is Adhan (Call to prayer)?

The adhan calls Muslims to prayer. Although it consists of few words, it covers the essentials of faith, expresses Islamic practices, is a form of worship, and one of Islams collective symbols that shows that the place in which it is made is a Muslim land. It is made at the beginning of each prescribed prayers time, and should be made by the man who can perform it in the best way possible. Even if one is performing the prayer alone, he or she is strongly advised to make it before beginning to pray.

The words of adhan are as follows:

Allâhu Akbar "Allah is the Greatest" (4 times)

Ashhadu an lâ ilâha illallah
"I attest that there is no god but Allah" (twice)

Ashhadu anna Muhammadan Rasûlullâh
"I attest that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" (twice)

Hayya ala's-salâh "Come to prayer" (twice)

Hayya ala'1-falâf "Come to salvation" (twice)

Allâhu Akbar "Allah is the Greatest" (twice)

La ilâha illallah "There is no god but Allah." (Once)

The adhan for the dawn (early morning) prayer includes as-salatu khayrun minan-nawm (Prayer is better than sleep [twice>) after hayya alal-falah (Come on, to salvation). Gods Messenger highly recommends that we pray after making the adhan.

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