We can not make our souls to agree to be forgiving. How can we convince our souls to do it?

One of the most beautiful merits of Islam is forgiveness. Allah praises that favorable merit in several verses and encourages humans to forgive. Two of those verses are as follows:

Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; and turn away from the ignorant. (the Quran, The Heights (Al-Aráf); 199 (7: 199))

Those (who are in fear of Allah) suppress their anger and forgive people. (the Quran, The Family of Imran (Al Imran); 134 (3: 134))


Pleasure and enjoyment taken from forgiving is many times more than the pleasure taken from revenge. Forgiving always gives peace and comfort to the forgiving person. The perfect degree of forgiveness is peculiar to Allah. Almighty Allah both loves forgiving and those who forgive.


We see the most beautiful examples of forgiveness in our Prophets life. As follows: Chiefs of the Quraish tribe conspired to kill the Prophet. Since they could not put that into practice, they got him out of Makkah by force. Later on, the Prophet conquered Makkah by the help of Allah. While the people, who had compelled the Prophet to migrate, got together around the Kaaba and were talking about how they would be killed, the Prophet came near the door of the Kaaba asked them what they were expecting from him. When they told him that they were expecting forgiveness from him, he announced general amnesty.


One of the marks of Islam is being sweet-tempered. Almighty Allah likes His gentle servants. If you were severe or harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about you: so pass over (their faults), and ask for (Allah's) forgiveness them in affairs (of moment). (the Quran, The Family of Imran (Al Imran); 159 (3: 159))


The highest degree of forgiveness is responding evil with good. Repel evil with what is better than it; then the one between whom and yourself enmity prevails will become like your friend and intimate. (the Quran, Explained In Detail (Fussilat); 41 (3: 34))


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