Third Flash: It is an interpretation explaining that human spirit, which was created for everlastingness and is in love with everlastingness, will attain peace and happiness in both the world and eternal life if it knows its real duty toward Allah


[Emotion and spiritual pleasure have become mixed in this Flash to an extent, and since their exuberance does not much heed the principles of the intellect and the scales of thought nor conform to them, it should not be weighed up on the scales of logic.]

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

Everything shall perish save His countenance; His is the command, and to Him shall you return.1

The two phrases, The Enduring One, He is the Enduring One! * The Enduring One, He is the Enduring One! express the meaning of the above verse, and so too state two important truths. It is because of this that some of the chiefs of the Naqshbandi Order made themselves a special invocation with the repetition of the phrases, in the form of a concise Naqshi supplication. Seeing that the two phrases express the meaning of the above mighty verse, we shall explain several points concerning the significant truth they state.


1. Qur’an, 28:88.

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First Point: It is about breaking off the relationship with ephemeral beloved ones and abandoning them.
Second Point: Man is in love with everlastingness; therefore, it is his most important duty to establish a relationship with the Everlasting one and adhere to His names.
Third Point: It narrates the way of transforming the ephemeral, short and useless life into everlasting and long life.

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