Second Point: The love of the Prophet (pbuh) toward Hz. Hasan and Husayn is universal.


Among the universal and general duties of his prophethood, the Most Noble Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) displayed great compassion in certain particular, minor matters. Superficially, his expending great compassion on such matters seems inappropriate to the supreme importance of the function of prophethood. But in reality minor matters such as those were the tips or samples of a chain which could be the means to the fulfilment of a universal and general function of prophethood. Therefore the greatest importance was given to the sample for the sake of the mighty chain.

For example, the extraordinary compassion the Most Noble Prophet (PBUH) showed towards Hasan and Husain in their childhood and the great importance he gave them was not only due to love arising from natural kindness and family feeling, it was rather because they were each the tip of a luminous thread of the function of prophethood, and the source, sample, and index of a community of great consequence which would receive the legacy of prophethood.

Indeed, the Most Noble Prophet (PBUH) used to take Hasan (May Allah be pleased with him) tenderly into his arms and kiss his head for the sake of the luminous, blessed, Mahdi-like descendants who would spring from him, like Shah Geylani, Ghawth al-A’zam,1 who would be the inheritors of prophethood and would bear the sacred Shari’a of Muhammad. He saw with the eye of prophethood the sacred service and duty they would perform in the future, and approved and applauded them. He kissed Hasan’s head as a sign of approval and encouragement.

Also, he embraced Husain and showed him great importance and tenderness on account of the illustrious Imams like Zaynu’l-Abidin and Ja’far al-Sadiq, and the numerous Mahdi-like luminous persons, true inheritors of prophethood, who would spring from his effulgent line, and for the sake of the religion of Islam and functions of prophethood.

Since with his heart which had knowledge of the Unseen, the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) luminous vision and future-penetrating eye observed from the Era of Bliss in this world the Assembly of the Resurrection on the side of post-eternity, and from the earth saw Paradise, and watched events which had occurred since the time of Adam and were concealed in the dark veils of the past, and even received the vision of the All-Glorious One, he surely saw the spiritual poles and the Imams, who were the inheritors of prophethood, and the Mahdis, who would follow on in the lines of Hasan and Husain. And for sure he would kiss their heads in the name of all of them. Yes, Shah Geylani has a large part in his kissing Hasan’s head.


1. Abdu’l-Qadir Gilani d. 561/1165-6. Founder of the Qadiri Order.(Tr.)

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