Our Prophet (PBUH) stated that Mahdi would be one of his descendants. How shall we interpret the fact that a prophet who always gives importance to competence, proficiency and taqwa (fear of Allah, piety) gives superiority to a person of his descent and a

Our Prophet (PBUH) observed the things through the vision of prophethood that would happen in the future with the permission of Allah; he saw that the guides like Zaynul-Abidin, Jafar Sadik, Shah Gaylani, Shah-Nakshband would be of his descent that each one of them would function as the source and guard of his sunnah that they would hold it tightly; so he wanted his ummah to gather around them. The same thing is valid for the frightening time during the end of the world for Mahdi who is a glimmer of hope for the ummah. If preferring the relatives were in question here, it would be the same thing as we pray for the Family of Ibrahim in the prayer when we sit (tashahhud). Why the Family of Ibrahim but not somebody else?
With his vision which penetrated the ghaib (unseen, unknown), the Most Noble Prophet (PBUH) saw that his Family would become like a light-giving tree within the world of Islam. The overwhelming majority of those who would perform the duty of guides instructing every level of the World of Islam in human attainment and perfection would emerge from his Family. He divined that his Community's prayer for his Family in the final section of the prescribed prayers: O God, grant blessings to our master Muhammad and to the Family of our master Muhammad, as You granted blessings to Ibrahim and to the Family of Ibrahim; indeed, You are Worthy of Praise, Most Exalted would be accepted. That is to say, like the vast majority of the luminous guides among the people of Ibrahim were prophets of the family and line of Ibrahim, he saw in his Community also, the spiritual poles of the Family of Muhammad performing the great duties of Islam, and in most of the paths and Sufi orders, like the prophets of Israel.."(1)

It shows that here closeness to Allah is in question as it is with the Family of Ibrahim, not closeness of relation. Therefore the Messenger of Allah recommended Hazrat Mahdi to his ummah.

Being a mahdi, like being a prophet, is not a position to be achieved by hard work or effort. It is Allahs gift, so Allah gives it to whomever He wants, of course to the person who most deserves it. It cannot be seen as a privilege that most of the prophets are descendants of Hazrat Ibrahim; similarly that Mahdi is of the descent of our Prophet is not a privilege. There is no logic or point in misinterpreting or envying it.

(1) Lemalar (The Flash Collection), Dördüncü Lem'a (the fourth flashes)

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