Reading Text: How will the dead Revive?

Hazrat Ibrahim often went to Makkah from Palestine and visited his son Ismail and daughter-in-law Hagar. In one of these usual visits, he had to travel along the coast. He saw a carcass of an animal. The waves hit the carcass and the fish and the sea animals that came with the waves ate that carcass. When the waves ebbed, this time, the land animals and birds started to eat the carcass. Each animal snatched a piece from the carcass and ate it.  

The scene that Hazrat Ibrahim saw made him curious. He thought, “I wonder how God Almighty will revive this animal. How will He bring the parts that are in the stomachs of different animals together?”

That thought aroused in him the desire to see the event of “reviving”. He turned to Allah and started to pray:

"My Lord! show me how you give life to the dead.”

 Allah said: "Do you not believe that Allah will revive them? Do you have any doubts about it"

 Ibrahim answered: "Oh my Lord! I definitely believe that you will revive the dead. However, I want to see that wondrous act with my own eyes and satisfy my heart."

Man sometimes wants to see the things that he believes and knows definitely with his own eyes. It is quite natural.

What Hazrat Ibrahim wanted was something like that. He definitely believed that Allah will revive the dead. He had no doubt about it. However, he was curious about reviving and wanted to see it with his own eyes.

It is thought-provoking that Allah asked Hazrat Ibrahim, “Do you not believe?” although He knew his intention. Thus, He made it possible for Ibrahim to utter his belief. Allah did not want the people who heard about it later to think bad things about him.

God Almighty accepted the wish of Ibrahim to see how He revived the dead and said to him:

 He said: "Take four birds from different species; make them familiar with you. Then cut them into pieces; mix the pieces; then put a portion of them on every hill that you see around. Then call to them using their names; you will see that they will come to you with all of their organs complete, with speed."

Hazrat Ibrahim fulfilled that command. First, he found the birds and became familiar with them. Then, he slaughtered them. He plucked them and divided each bird into four pieces. He mixed those four parts with the other parts and put their heads there too. He put the pieces on the top of four mountains. When he called to them with their names, he saw that all of them flew toward him.

When he saw the scene, his heart began to throb because he saw with his own eyes the truth of the reviving of the dead. Therefore, he praised Allah and thanked Him. His heart became fully satisfied and tranquil..

(Mehmed Dikmen - Peygamberler Tarihi)

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