The Quran does not resemble any human word.

There were two reasons why people wanted to write a book that is similar to the Quran:

One of them was the ambition of its enemies to write in order to oppose it and to criticize it; the other was the desire of its friends to imitate it.

Two reasons, one of which arose from enmity and the other from love. Millions of Arabic books have been written due to these two reasons; they are available now but none of them resembles the Quran. Anyone, whether he is knowledgeable or ignorant, who looks at the Quran and the other Arabic books will definitely say, “The Quran does not resemble them. It is not at the same level as them.” Then, there are two possibilities:

1-The Quran is below the level of these books.

2-It is above the level of all those books. 

The first option is definitely wrong with the agreement of both its friends and enemies. Even Satan cannot claim it. If it were below the level of those books, nobody would try to imitate it.

Then, it is necessary to accept the second option. The Quran is superior to all of the other books. This superiority proves that the Quran is the word of Allah.

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