The Person whose Sultanate will continue till Doomsday

The Torah Informs People about Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)

The Person whose Sultanate will continue till Doomsday

10- The Old Testament, Daniel, chapter 2: In this chapter, Nebuchadnezzar, who subverted the state of Assyria, who made the city of Babylon a center and who reigned for forty-three years, the dream he saw and Daniel, who interpreted his dream are mentioned. The summary of the story is as follows:

Daniel, who was in the prison of cruel Nebuchadnezzar, told the king about his dream before Nebuchadnezzar told Daniel about his dream. The king confirmed what he said in astonishment and said, “This was the dream, and now interpret it to me.” Daniel said:

“That sculpture is the dominion in the world. You are the head of it.  After you, another kingdom will rise; it is represented by silver since it is inferior to yours. Then, two more kingdoms will come and will enlarge. Another kingdom of iron will crush and break all the others. Then, it will be replaced by many kingdoms, some of which are strong and some weak; iron and clay cannot be mixed; similarly those kingdoms will not come together and unite. Then, God will demolish those kingdoms and will send a real sultanwhose sultanate will continue till Doomsday; that holy person will lead people to bliss in the world an in the hereafter.This is the meaning of the enlargement of the rock that fell from the sky in your dream and broke the idol into pieces.“

Those sentences of the Torah, through which the dream that Daniel interpreted is narrated, inform us about a holy person who will continue living until Doomsday with the religion that he will bring. There is no doubt that that person is our Prophet (pbuh). For, the Prophet (pbuh) broke the idols into pieces and conquered the world with his material sultanate and the hearts with his spiritual sultanate.

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