A Miracle is the act of Allah

It is mentioned in the Quran that unbelievers did not find the miracles shown by the prophets sufficient and demanded more miracles or some other kinds of miracles. For instance, they said,  “Why speaketh not Allah unto us? Or why cometh not unto us a sign?”.55

The prophets said to those people who were not persuaded by the miracles they showed with the permission of Allah and who did not have the intention of believing but asked many impossible things as excuses the following: “We are only messengers chosen among people; we are messengers appointed to call people to Allah and the truth and to warn people of the torture; miracles take place by the power of Allah; we cannot show any miracles without the permission of Allah.”56 It is understood from those verses and similar verses that miracles take place as a result of the wish of Allah and that they are not wonders that prophets show through their own powers.

55  See; al-Isra, 91-96; al-Baqara, 117-118

56  See; al-Ankabut,59-60; al-Isra,90-96; Tajrid trns., IX, 284

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