To leave the community is not a virtue in Islam

During the Age of Happiness (the time of Prophet Muhammad), a man thought of living alone in seclusion in a cave with a lot of water and fertile soil that he had found on a mountain and being free from the evils, disorders and rumors of the community.

However, he wanted to ask the Messenger of Allah about his idea first and to learn his opinion about it. He went to the presence of the Prophet and said:

– O Messenger of Allah, I found a cave. It has water in it and fertile soil in front of it. I want to go there and live in seclusion; I want to be away from worldly things and be involved in worshipping and prayer only. What is your opinion about it? 

The Messenger of Allah gave the following exemplary answer to the man’s idea of leaving the community and living in seclusion in a cave in order to worship:

– I was not sent as a clergyman. I was sent with the straight Islam. I swear by Allah that instead of being involved with worshipping in seclusion in a cave from morning till night, walking a bit for Allah in the community (having some difficulty in order to serve Islam) is much better than the world and everything in the world.

He also added the following:

– Praying in the ranks in congregation is better than 60 years of worshipping and prayer in seclusion…”

* * *

The answer that the Messenger of Allah gave to the person who wanted to live in seclusion is a good answer to the negative propaganda that Islam makes people leave the community and live in seclusion made by some groups.

(Mehmet Dikmen - İslâm’da Fazilet Yarışı: Race of Virtue in Islam)

A Muslim who mingles with people and puts up with their torment is better than the one who does not mingle with people and do not put up with their torment.”                                         (Ibn Majah, Ahmad)


In Islam, seclusion, that is, the idea of leaving the community and living alone away from people even with the intention of worshipping Allah is not regarded appropriate. 

It is because many kinds of worshipping and good deeds that will receive the consent of Allah can be done only among people.

The kinds of worshipping that can be performed away from people are limited. However, the charities and good deeds that can be done by living in the community are abundant. 

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