Ka’b bin Ujra (r.a.)

Hz. Ka’b, who was from Madinah, was loyal to the Prophet with great love. When he saw the Messenger of Allah sad or worried, he would ask the reason and took action at once if he could do something. Once, he went to visit the Messenger of Allah. He saw that his blessed face was a bit pale. He asked, “O Messenger of Allah! May my father and mother be sacrificed for you! What is the matter?” The Prophet said, “I have not eaten anything for three days.” It was impossible for Ka’b to sit without doing anything. He had to do something to find food for the Messenger of Allah. He took action at once. He saw a Jew giving water to his camels. He made a deal with him to get one date for each bucket of water he would draw from the well. He got a lot of dates. He took the dates to the Messenger of Allah. The Prophet asked, “O Ka’b! Where did you get them from?” Ka’b told him what he had done. The Messenger of Allah asked, “Do you love me?” Ka’b said, “I definitely do.” The Prophet (pbuh) complimented and appreciated him.

A few days after this incident, Ka’b became ill. When the Prophet did not see him, he asked, “What happened to Ka’b?” They said he was ill. The Messenger of Allah stood up and went to visit him. He asked how he was. Then, he gave him the glad tiding of Allah’s forgiveness and mercy.

Ka’b took part in some battles with the Prophet (pbuh). He took part in the expeditions of Umrah and Tabuk. He learned a lot from the Prophet. He died in 52 H when he was 75 years old. One of the hadiths he narrated is as follows:  

“After me, there will be some leaders; whoever enters upon them and condones to their lies, and supports them in their oppression is not from me and I am not from him, and he shall not drink with me from the Pool. And whoever does not enter upon them, nor help them in their oppression, nor condones to their lies is from me, and I am from him, and he shall drink with me at the Pool.”[1]


[1]Hayatus-Sahaba, 2: 196; Isaba, 3: 297; Mustadrak, 3: 479; Tirmidhi, Fitan: 72; Musnad, 4: 243.

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