Is it permissible to buy and sell things interest-free using credit cards? If yes, are there things to take care of? If yes, what are they?

It is permissible to buy and sell things using credit cards. They let you a definite period of time to pay for the debt of the thing you buy. If you pay your debt within this period of time, you do not have to pay any interest. You pay just the amount you owe. There is no drawback for it.

However, the ideal thing is not to prefer to buy things using credit cards and not to get used to buying things on credits. When you buy using credit cards you have the desire to buy things extravagantly as if they are free since you do not pay any money. When the time to pay comes, the money you have may not be sufficient to pay your debt; and you may have to pay interest. There occurs the drawback.

As for the person who sells things by credit cards, the date he is supposed to take his money is definite. If he waits and gets his money in the specified date, there is no problem. He sells his things on credit; when the specified day comes, he gets his money, that is all. However, what if he does not wait for the specified date and draws the money from the bank by paying a certain rate of commission to the bank so as to have cash? There occurs interest!.

The best thing to do for the shopkeepers who sell things on credit cards is to draw the money on the specified date so as not to seem as paying interest by drawing the money before the specified date....

If the credit card owner pays his/her debt on time and does not have to pay interest for delaying, and if the shopkeeper waits for the specified date to draw the money (if he/she does not try to pay commission to the bank to draw the money earlier), then it is permissible to buy and sell on credit cards!..

However, the banks which are interest institutions keep the money though for a short time and use it. So we cannot say that there is no inconvenience. By taking this into consideration it is better not to buy and sell things on credit cards if it is not obligatory.

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