How was Prophet Muhammads (peace be upon him) health condition the day before his death?

It was on Sunday, 11th of the month of Rabiulawwal.

The Prophet of humanity and jinns was severely ill with fever in his bed. His wives all were around him. Aisha (may Allah grant peace on her) was sitting at his bedside.

At that moment, Osama (may Allah grant peace on him), who just returned from the battle, came before him. The Prophet (may peace be upon him) was lying down half-consciously. He had no strength to move. Osama (may Allah be pleased with him) kissed his blessed hand and head. He was full of grieves. With at utmost reverence, he stood before the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said nothing to him. He just raised his hands above and gently caressed his head. Seemingly, he prayed for Osama. (1)

Having received the prayers of the Prophet (pbuh), Osama (may Allah be pleased with him) returned to his army.

1. Tabaqat, 2:119-120.

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