How should we evaluate the comments made about the issue of the Mahdi?

We think that if some points about the Mahdi are well known, the narrations and comments about this issue will be better understood. This is as follows:

-The issue of Mahdi is not included in the faith. That is to say; if a believer denies the Mahdi, he will not be out of the religion; he will only become deprived of his light and he will not benefit from his service.

-It is difficult to determine the Mahdi as a person. Almost every group tends to see its master or sheik as the Mahdi.

-It is different to be the Mahdi and to suppose oneself as the Mahdi. Sometimes some mad people go forth and present themselves as the Mahdi or Jesus Christ. However, the Mahdi invites not into believing in his being the Mahdi, but into Islam. A prophet says, I am the messenger of God; follow me. However, the Mahdi cannot say, I am the Mahdi; follow me, otherwise you will fall into unbelief.

-Every century is in need of a meaning of a Mahdi to save believers from despair; in other words, every century has its specific share from the meaning of Mahdi.

-Bediuzzaman Said Nursi gives very valuable information about the Mahdi. One of the most important ones of these is as follows:

This not the time of individualism. In the past, wonderful people came and performed valuable services. However, in our time, unbelief attacks as a collective identity. Against this attack even, the greatest personal resistance is bound to be defeated. For this reason, we must form a collective identity against this collective attack.

-Bediüzzaman mentions three dimensions of being Mahdi:
3-the Sharia

Though Risale-i Nur serves mainly for faith, we can say that it takes the lead in also the other two dimensions. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was in the base of the cause of Islam and laid the foundation for the Islamic services yet to come. There is no obstruction for a similar situation to be also in question for the issue of Mahdi. In other words, the service of faith will affect the other two fields of service. On the other hand, while service is being made in the wide circles of life, it can be said that these services are fulfilled through the help of some extraordinary people. The great duties of the Possessor are borne only by His great people. Of course, in undertaking these sacred services, some champions of spiritual realms will be employed. As every forest has lion peculiar to itself, every field has its own peculiar brave men.

-Questions like Who is the Mahdi? When will he come? may sometimes prevent man from his real duties. Instead of this, dealing directly with active service should be chosen. We should especially avoid dragging the issue of being Mahdi into the field of dispute. As is narrated, while Said Nursi was in exile, a pure-hearted says, Master, dont be sad. The Mahdi will come and put everything upright. Said Nursi makes this meaningful reply: Let the Mahdi find you on duty when he comes!

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