How Should Our Attitudes towards Missionaries be?

We do not believe that a missionary could affect and Christianize an intellectual Muslim. We think that a Muslim, who has enough intelligence, reason and knowledge to bring the bread he bought from the bakers to his house, cannot help asking a missionary the following explicit questions and says:

- What will a Muslim gain, if he embraces Christianity? What deficiency will he cover with it? What truth exists not in Islam but in Christianity that a Muslim will find it by embracing Christianity? A Muslim does not have such a deficiency. Therefore, why should a Muslim accept Christianity? What is the reason? Will the offers of missionaries to Muslims be concerning belief and will they say:

-Religion means prophet and revealed book. Hazrat Jesus (Eesa) (Upon whom be peace) is Allahs Prophet and Bible is a book revealed by Allah! You shall know it like that!?

In fact, Muslims recognize that truth like that and believe in that way. There is no need to be a Christian in order to believe like that. They accept and believe like that when they are Muslims. What is more, a Muslim does not only believe in and approve Hazrat Eesa and the original Bible but also believes more. Read the 285th verse of Chapter al-Baqara "We make no distinction (they say) between one and another of His messengers."

Then, what and who will the missionaries make a Muslim embrace and accept? Are there any Divine Books and Prophets that a Muslim denies that they will invite Muslim youths to Christianity in order to make them believe in them?

-A Muslim believes in and accepts, by beginning from Hazrat Adam, all of the Divine Scriptures and Prophets with respect and embraces them with love. There is not any sacred thing that a Muslim denies. So, what will the missionaries invite Muslims youths to believe in to make them Christians?

That is to say, embracing all of the religions, Islam includes the real Christianity in the form of what the Quran teaches. However, Islam does not exist in Christianity. Under those circumstances, it will not be wrong if we invite missionaries to embrace Islam. Yet we invite them into a complete religion in which the original Christianity exists. However, if missionaries invite us to Christianity it will be wrong. It is because they will invite us to an incomplete religion in which Islam does not exist. In other words, that invitation means to call from the complete to the incomplete. Knowledge reason and intelligence will not accept to turn towards the incomplete by leaving the complete one.

However, if the missionaries say: Jesus is not only the Prophet of Allah, he is also His son. and they invite us to believe in it, even their intellectual Christians do not accept such a claim anymore. How could they make a Muslim accept and make him say, Allah forbid: Allah is the father and Jesus is His son.?

When one thinks about it without prejudice, it is seen that it is impossible for a Muslim to embrace Christianity in terms of intelligence, reason and knowledge. On the contrary, conversion of a Christian into Islam is a necessity of intelligence, as well as reason and knowledge.

A Christian is not obliged to deny his own religion or book by embracing Islam. Still, Hazrat Jesus is a noble Prophet of Allah and the original of the Bible is the Divine scripture revealed by Allah. Therefore, why should a Christian avoid searching Islam? There is no loss in doing it but there is a lot of benefit. He completes his deficiency by accepting Islam. It is understood that Christians who think without any prejudice will realize that attribute of Islam one day and they will say, by observing Islam, which gives the deserved place to their Holy values:

-I find my Divine Book and my Prophet here, my place could be here. As a matter of fact, some of them already say it from time to time.

However, a Muslim will not say it for Christianity. It is because the Book and the Prophet of a Muslim do not exist in Christianity. There is no benefit for a Muslim, either. However, his loss will be too much. He will have to deny all of the Divine religions and the Prophet that he accepts in Islam. It is not a kind of loss to be risked. That person cannot be a Christian anymore; he cannot be regarded as one from the People of the Book, either.

Because of those sound facts, we shall say: using force against missionaries by a Muslim, who has such definite knowledge and strong belief, instead of using knowledge is not approved by Islam; and a Muslim does not need such a response. It is because Islam is explained by obvious and definite information which is a requirement of science, but not by force which is a sign of ignorance.

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