How many kinds of madhhabs related to fiqh are there?

They are divided into four: 1 – Hanafi 2 – Maliki, 3 – Shafii, 4 – Hanbali.

Those four madhhabs are true and right. Now, let us have a look at them one by one:


* Hanafi Madhhab:

The founder of Hanafi Madhhab is Imam A’zam.

Imam A’zam means the greatest imam. His original name is Numan; he is also called Abu Hanifa. He was born in Kufa in 80 (H) and died in Baghdad in 150 (H).

Hanafi Madhhab originated in Iraq, then it spread to the east and west from there. During the period of Abbasids, most of the judges were Hanafi. Hanafi Madhhab is common among Turks in Anatolia and Balkans. 


* Maliki Madhhab:

Its founder is Imam Malik bin Anas. He was born in Madinah in 93 (H) and died in Madinah in 179 (H). Maliki Madhhab was adopted by the people of Hejaz first. Then it was spread to North Africa and Andalusia (Spain) by hajjis (pilgrims).


* Shafii Madhhab:

Its founder is Imam Shafii. His original name is Muhammad. He was born in Gaza in 150 (H) and died in Egypt in 204 (H). He is a descendant of Sons of Hashim.

Shafii Madhhab became widespread in Egypt first. Then it spread partly to Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Horasan. Today the majority of Muslims in Egypt follow Shafii Madhhab.


* Hanbali Madhhab:

Its founder is Ahmad bin Hanbal . He was born in Baghdad in 164 (H) and died in Baghdad in 241 (H).

Hanbali Madhhab is widespread in Najd. Today, Hanbali Madhhab is prevalent in Najd.

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