Holy Birth Week

"We sent thee not, but as a mercy for all creatures."
(al-Anbiya, 107)

No activity, no text that is read, no story that is narrated about him is enough to understand him fully.

However, it is a reality that the biggest cause of the depressed environment humanity lives in today is not living as he described and he himself lived.

If people suffer in the swamp of interest and usury, if the institution of family is about to collapse, if people try to deceive themselves through entertainment in order to satisfy their desire of living eternally and if lives are destroyed through similar chaotic things, it is possible to get rid of them by knowing him and living like him.

Therefore, we need to make use of these days; we need to know and understand him; we need to live like him and make people live like him.

Today is an opportunity for it; you can start to know him today:

1. Read the Quran, which is the source of his beauty. Read it because the cure to all material and spiritual problems are in it. Life is not life without understanding him and living with him.

2. Read his life. Share some anecdotes from his life, which is an example for people, with your family and friends. Read and share because only those who accept him as their model can make this world a livable place.

3. Learn the things that you do not know about him. Learn about him so that you will correct your mistakes about him and the wrong things that other people know about him.

To sum up, we will say, "Today is the birthday of the Prophet. O Allah! I promise for the sake of this holy day that I will learn and practice Islam." We will try to understand the Quran, which is the purpose of the life of the Prophet. Then, we will think about what the Prophet did, how he lived, how he performed prayers, how he fasted, how he prayed, what he wanted from Allah and what he advised his ummah. We will read a book about his life Then, we will take what he did as a model and practice them; that is, we will follow his Sunnah.

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