Hadiths about Hell

The following is reported from Numan Ibn Bashir: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, "The person with the slightest torture on the Day of Judgment is the one under whose feet two pieces of coal fire are put; his brain boils like a copper cauldron and a pan because of it." (Bukhari, Muslim and Tirmidhi)

O my soul! If this is the slightest torture, what is the severe one like? Can you put up with the slight torture? How come you are so ambitious and courageous though you cannot even put up with it? You bury your head into sand like an ostrich and close your eyes to the truth. You think it will not happen to you if you do not think about it. You are wrong. The way to be saved from this torture is to repent not to avoid thinking. 

The following is reported from Abdullah Ibn Masud : The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, "That day, Hell will be brought; it will have seventy thousand reins and seventy thousand angels pulling it. (Muslim and Tirmidhi)

The following is reported from Abu Hurayra: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, "Your fire is only one part out of the seventy parts of Hell fire." Thereupon, the Companions said, “O Messenger of Allah! By Allah, the fire in the world is enough.” The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Hell fire was made sixty nine times more severe than the fire in the world. The temperature of one of them is like the temperature of the whole fires of the world.” (Bukhari, Muslim and Tirmidhi)

O my soul! You cannot even put up with fire in this world. When your hand is burnt a bit, you suffer for days and moan. How will you put up with the fire in the hereafter, which is seventy times more severe though you cannot even put up with the fire in the world? Think of this: if people were thrown into fire due to a certain crime in the world, you would not approach that crime let alone committing it. Why are you so brave when the fire in the hereafter is in question? The fire in the world frightens you, but why does the fire in the hereafter not frighten you?

The following is reported from Anas bin Malik: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, "One of the people of Hell who was the wealthiest in the world is brought on the Day of Judgment and is plunged into fire.  Then, he is asked “O son of Adam! Have you received any favor? Have you had any enjoyable moments? He will say, “I have never had any enjoyable moments." (Muslim, Ibn Majah)

O my soul! Have you heard?  The wealthiest person in the world who enjoyed all kinds of luxury,  who had all kinds of opportunities, who rode the most luxurious yachts, who had planes, who did not know the exact amount of his money and property, who did not have any troubles in the world, who did whatever he wished and bought whatever he wanted, who was probably a king or an empire, in whose place you wanted to be the most is plunged into fire once and then our Lord asks him "Have you received any favor?" That is, "Have you had any happy, enjoyable days?" That person forgets about all of the enjoyable and pleasant days in the world due to the agony when he is plunged into fire once and says, “No, by Allah, I have never had any enjoyable days, o my Lord!” This is the result of being plunged into fire only once.  What about staying in Hell for centuries or forever? O my soul! You will not be able to console yourself by thinking about the enjoyable moments you had in the world when you burn in Hell. Only one spark of Hell will be enough to make you forget all of the pleasures you had in the world. 

The following is reported from Anas bin Malik: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, Allah will address the person who is tortured the least in Hell as follows: “Would you give as ransom the world and everything in it if you owned them in order to be saved from this torture?” He says, "Yes, I would." Thereupon, Allah will say, “When you were among the descendants of Adam, I had asked you something much easier than this sacrifice: not to associate any partners with me. However, you kept on associating partners with me.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Have you heard my soul? Your Lord says you would give away the whole world as ransom if you owned it in order to be freed from the torture of Hell… However, that ransom is not accepted today. Our Lord can give you Paradise for a single date given as sadaqah in the world. You can buy Paradise through one date or a small deed in this world. However, you cannot buy a single fruit of Paradise even if you give the whole world as a ransom. Besides, the property belongs to Him. He sent us to the world in order to test us in His property. Pass this test and give the property to its owner.   

Now, o my soul! What is your last word after hearing so many verses and hadiths?

Alhamdulillah, I have heard, believed and repented. I have decided not rebel again. I know that I have committed a lot of sins but my Lord's pardoning and mercy are bigger than my sins. I take refuge in the endless pardoning and mercy of my Lord and ask forgiveness and mercy from Him. I was leading a life away from my Lord like a slave that escaped from his master until this work made me wake up. Now I have understood that my rebellion cannot get away with it. One day, my book of deeds will be given to my hand and I will be asked to read it. That day, I will read whatever I write today in my book. Then, I need to work and write nice things in that book. It is time to work for Allah, to do things for Allah and to do deeds for Allah. 

O Lord! We take refuge in your pardoning from your torture, in your consent from your wrath and in You from You. O Lord, make these works atonements for our sins. Make our souls obey us. Forgive those who contributed to this work and those who watch it; save them from the torture of Hell. Amin! Amin! Amin!

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