In a hadith, it is said that at the end of time there will emerge mischief and dissentions, which will separate the person from his brother and father. What are they?

In a hadith, it is stated:
There will be big mischief in future; the person will separate from his brother and father in this mischief. (That time) mischief will proliferate in the hearts of men until the doomsday. Furthermore; at this time of mischief, one will be blamed for obeying the rules of God (1) as a prostitute is blamed for adultery. (2)

According to this news from Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the person will be different from his brother and father in opinion, thinking, understanding and evaluation of life and even in believing in a religion, in the intense mischief and dissentions that will come till the doomsday, especially in the mischief that will come at the end of time. Two brothers, father, and son will not share the same values upon a subject; because at this time, mischief will be extensive and prevalent, people will be separated from their families and will be affected by other sources. A wrong view that comes out in a distant place will instantly spread from heart to heart and from mind to mind through writing or through other means. Mischief will fly like a bird from heart to heart and will nest in minds. Of course, at such hard and critical times, it will be also be as meritorious to live, to absorb and to maintain Islam in the upright way for life long as it is hard.


1. el-Müfredat p. 61. It means trouble, test, ordeal and hardship.

2. Gümüşhanevi, Ahmed Ziyaüddin, Ramûzul-Ehadis, trans. Naim Erdoğan, Istanbul ty. p. 298-3715 numbered hadith (Nuaym fiten, Tabarani Evsattan); See also Ibn-u Mace, Muhammed b. Yezid. Sunenu Ibn-i Mace I-II, Istanbul ty. II, p. 1306, 1317, 1333 In hadith books especially in the divisions of Kitabul-Fiten-Book of Mischief, it is possible to see many hadiths about mischief and dissentions to come.

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