Does it do harm to the mariage if a man doesnt come home for just threat and to establish the authority and say to his wife I dont love you, go away, I am fed up with you, it is enough, I want to stop this marriage, I regret marrying

The family is a sacred foundation. It is a serious establishment whose lines are drawn with absolute statements of the Koran and Hadiths. For example, when surahs Nisa and Nur are read for this purpose it will be clearly understood that how importance does the Koran give to marriage and divorce. In the books of Hadiths, these issues are mentioned comprehensively and exhaustively.

When the books about fiqh, which is the way of life in Islam, are examined, we will see that issues marriage and divorce are told in details equal to volumes of books. So we can say that there is no another religion or system that value marriage and the family foundation as much as Islam.

Establishing a family is surely very important. In addition, keeping it alive without letting it harmed is very important as well and that requires a great skill and wisdom. The most common reasons that harm family life are ill-timed arguments, unnecessary quarrels, and pointless behaviors.

That is a fact that it is impossible for us to see a family having no quarrels since we all have selves. At this point, the husband takes the greatest role here. He is the administrator and has the responsibility on his shoulders. Therefore, if he knows the wife mostly causes the discord he should take the advice of the Koran and advise her, clearly try to find ways to sustain the family together. If he fails, he sleeps in another bed.

He can try the divorce only when the discord is at its peak and conciliators have no result. In this he should not give the all three of the divorce, it should be given intermittently so that there will be chance to go back.

We are not supposed to use the words meaning to divorce out of place and without thinking carefully. Because, even if such kind of statements are told in anger or to make her afraid, to have pressure on her or as a joke, the result wont change. From one to three divorces can occur according to place and time.

When comes to the question whether those remarks are harmful to the marriage, if the husband have the intension of divorce while saying the remarks go away I dont want you the wife becomes divorced, but if he regrets saying those remarks he can go back to his wife.

To explain clearly: after that the woman waits for some time, if the man want to come back to his wife, their marriage is renewed with witnesses and discreet alimony, but at that time the woman should indicate her consent by saying I accept.

When the husband doesnt come home for several days and say remarks like I dont love you, I am fed up with you, I regret marrying you, I want to stop this marriage, that doesnt harm the marriage but he shouldn't be used to using those words, because it is possible to utter accidentally some remarks destroying the family.

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