Could you give some information about the torment of the Hell fire?

While the torment of the Hell fire has many types, we could classify them into three main groups. One is suffering of the body from the fire, which comes to minds mostly. Second; burden and sorrow of the souls. And finally third; inconceivable annoyance of the darkness of the Hell fire that has no illuminating effect.

Hell is the realm of torment of Gods; pain and distress land; sobbing and repentance city. While, consent (of God) and pleasure will be enjoyed together in the Paradise, scourge (of God) and torment will be experienced in the Hell, moreover, in the complete darkness. As the pleasure that assent of God gives to the soul is far better than the benefactions of the Paradise, spiritual burden of being banished souls from Paradise is much higher than the torment of the Hell fire. The burden of burning along with the Satan will be added by not being in the company of the prophets and the curators.

The people who have contempt for Gods orders in the World will taste the eternal humiliation in the Hereafter. The people, who subordinate their evil selves in the World, will have ceaseless repentance in the Hereafter. They will be Satans biggest enemy in there. Satans act of sayings, I did not do anything to you, you should have used your brains will completely infuriate them.

They, who fall into Hell, will be abhorrent of bad friends that have led them astray, but it will be too late. Mans nature, which is appropriate for all these material and spiritual hardships in the World, points out that the most brutal ones will be experienced in the Hell by His disobedient servants. Messenger of God (peace be upon him) announces that, the surroundings of Hell covered with pleasures in which evil selves would enjoy. If that is so, whenever we commit a sin by the indulgence of the evil self, we should repent and ask God for forgiveness.

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