Could you give some information about the importance Islam gives to science so that we could answer the questions of people opposing Islam under the pretext of the ignorance and underdevelopment of the Islamic world?

The source of the progress is knowledge and science. The greatest enemy people must avoid is ignorance because the obstacle of all progress and evolution and the source of all declination is ignorance. In hundreds of verses, the holy Quran encourages human beings to learn the sciences belonging to the religion and to the world. We will present two of them:

Are those who know equal to those who do not know? (Al- Zumar, 9)
Ask those who know the scripture, if you do not know. (Al- Nahl, 43)

Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has many Hadiths encouraging people to learn sciences. Some of them are as follows:

Acquire knowledge from the cradle to the grave.
Everything has a way. The way to Paradise is knowledge and science.
Go, take and acquire knowledge even if it is in China.
(Bayhaqi, Shuabul-Eeman, Beirut, II. 254)
Wisdom is the believers lost property. He takes it wherever he finds it. (Tirmizi, Ilm 19)
It is fardh (obligatory) for all Muslim men and women to acquire knowledge. (Ibn Majah, Muqaddima, 17)

As it is known, when our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) arrived in Madinah, he built his madrasah (school) together with his mosque first. The students taking education in that madrasah in that time are called the people of the Bench (Suffa). All of those people had devoted their lives to knowledge and comprehension. The fundamental of all of the Islamic madrasahs and schools that have reached today is that madrasah of the Bench.

If the religion were an obstacle to progress, could the progress in the era of bliss , the perfection in Andalusia which had been to the master of Europe, the civilization of Seljuk and Ottoman states that had bewildered the world have come to existence! Could thousands of religious scholars and philosophers such as Imam Ghazali, Ibn-i Sina, Farabi, Imam Rabbani, Mevlana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi be raised in the world of Islam! Badiuzzaman expresses that Islam cannot be considered to be opposing science as follows:

How can a slave, a servant, a son be an enemy and an opponent to his master chief and father respectively? In fact, Islam is the master and the guide of the science and the chief and the father of the true knowledge. (Muhakemat,10)

It is true that Muslims today is not in the desired level in the fields science and technology but it is not right to claim that Islam is responsible for the backwardness.

Some circles proclaim every discovery of the science as a victory achieved against Islam. It may be true for an invalid religion that denies science. However, a Muslim considers that kind of progress as the discovery of a mystery from the universe which is the book of the power of Allah. His wondering admiration and amazement towards the knowledge and wisdom of Allah increase as he hears about new discoveries.

One very important side of the subject is this: there is no rule in the Quran, the last and the most perfect of the true books, that prohibits people from sciences. So, the allegation of people that Islam is against science and technology is completely unfounded and deliberate.

Considering only the last century in which Muslims deviated- in fact, they were deviated in a planned way- from the Islamic essence, and ignoring all of the progress and development of the fourteen centuries is not fair.

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