Changing Customs

Let us think of a small society! A society whose people are extremely stubborn and are loyal to their traditions just like flesh and bone.

Let us think that you are an important judge in such a society.

Although you are an important judge, to what extent can you change the traditions of this stubborn society by working hard and replace them with high ethics?

Let us think of the following too before answering this question:

A father sometimes cannot change the bad habits of his son despite his advice.

A teacher sometimes cannot demolish the bad ethics of his/her students.

Despite all kinds of harsh punishment, crimes such as theft cannot be prevented.

A doctor cannot cause an addictive person to give up smoking…

Now, as a great judge, how many of the customs could we change in such a stubborn society and how long would it take?

It is clear that a great judge can only cause to give up a small custom in a small society such as smoking temporarily. However, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) managed to eliminate many great customs from a stubborn society whose people were strictly loyal to their traditions in a very short time with a very limited power and aid. He replaced those customs with such high ethics that it is matchless in history.

We show the Arabian Peninsula to those who did not see Hz. Muhammad's ((pbuh) Era of Bliss and say to them, "Take hundreds of philosophers there and work there for a hundred years. Can you do only one percent of what the Prophet did there?" We advise those who do not see this reality to look at the Arabian Peninsula.

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