Can jinn know the Unseen?

In the verse in the Holy Quran, which mentions the death of Hazrath Suleiman, it is stated as, Then, when We executed Our decree for his death, nothing showed them (the jinn who had been laboring at the tasks he assigned to them) that he was dead, except that a termite had been gnawing away his staff (until it broke). Then when he fell to the ground, it became clear to the jinn that if they had known the Unseen, they would not have continued in the tormenting toil that humiliated them. (Saba Surah, 34:14)

As it is clearly understood from the verse, even to the death of Hazrath Suleiman, jinn thought that he was still alive, because ha was still standing and they went on the tormenting working that humiliated them. This clearly explains us that they do not know the Unseen. Leaving aside knowing the Unseen, they do not even understand what goes on in front of them.

Mufassir Razi says, Hazrath Suleiman was sometimes worshipping all day long, night and day, sometimes even more. He used to stand up in prayer holding his staff. One day, there he died, but, by God's will, did not fall. He remained in this position, and his soldiers and everyone including the Jinn thought that he was still alive. Months later, God ordered a termite to weaken the staff so that the body of Suleiman fell. It was thereafter believed that the Jinn did not know the Unseen. If they had known, they would not have labored in tormenting works. However, they do know things that humans do not, but it is not knowing the Unseen. Their knowledge is greater than humans are but still limited. Jinn can see only the outside of the objects. God, alone knows the Unseen.

Jinn live longer than we do. Moreover, if their speed is considered while they reach the sources, it is obvious that they are more intelligible than we are.

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