Background of Differences

Difference is like the cornerstone of the system existing in the universe.

The Sublime Creator created all of the beings whether living or non-living in the form of different species and classes. The fact that the concepts like species and classes are accepted universally indicates that they are deeply settled in the memory of man.   

Different atoms, different molecules, different planets, different galaxies, different systems, different orbits, different living things, different plants, in short,  the differences that appear in every part of the universe show that the reality of difference is a wise preference of the divine will. 

The universe is based on differences: 

The reason why the universe is called as “Realm” in the Quran is that it is adorned with different trademarks, because it consists of different elements and in order to declare that it is an obvious document of the power, knowledge, wisdom, will and help of Allah, the Lord of the Realms. 

This declaration corresponds to the belief of oneness, which is one of the fundamental elements that the Quran wants to teach. The reality of oneness becomes manifest in two forms in the documentary of the universe. 

The first one is the Mystery of Divine Unity. That is, the Sublime Creator created the whole universe in such a unity and association that someone looking from the window of this unit will observe the existence and unity of Allah, who surrounds the universe with the manifestation of His one thousand and one names and attributes. 

The second one is the Mystery of Divine Oneness. That is, the Sublime Creator created the universe in such a form that someone who looks at the background of the oneness and the association that different parts and species show in the flavor of difference will see that Allah is near everything and watches everything with His endless knowledge and power and that the reins of everything are in the hand of Allah and the keys to everything are with Allah. 

The Place of Man in the System of Difference: 

The differences in the universe are the reflections of the different names and attributes of Allah. As it is known, there are different names and attributes of Allah. There are various manifestations of those names and attributes. There are various reflections of those manifestations in the universe. The differences in the universe are a natural and obligatory painting that originates from the different reflections of the names and attributes of Allah.   

Man, as a part of this universe and a natural member of the assembly of the different creatures, cannot be outside this painting and cannot break the harmony. Therefore, although the species of man consists of only one species, it has shown various differences ontologically, biologically, psychologically, physiognomically, etc and has virtually formed hundreds of thousands of species.   

The Quran has emphasized some fundamental differences that have been effective on the community of man for a long time and has pointed out that they are a reflection of the divine wisdom and that they should not be used as a means of disunity, grudge and enmity.   

The First Document of the Difference: 

The first document of differences that was judged as legitimate by Allah, that was always in effect as a natural law and that was registered by the Quran is the reality of different languages and different colors. The fact that people have different colors like white, black, yellow, dark brown, brown, red, light brown although they have been created out of the same soil and they contain the same elements shows the comprehensive knowledge and power of the Sublime Creator as well as His universal will and comprehensive wisdom that makes everything bow down. 

“And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors: verily in that are Signs for those who know.”(ar-Rum, 30/22) The verse above underlines the divine identity of this ontological document. To refuse, deny and ignore these documents with divine identity means disobedience and rebellion against the verses of Allah in the Quran and his ontological signs. The punishment for this rebellion in the world is the disappearance of the environment of tranquility, security and peace, and the existence of a hellish life, instead. The punishment in the hereafter is much more  drastic. 

The Second Document of the Difference: 

Another document of the difference that the Sublime Creator has registered in the Quran is the reality that the mankind is divided into different nations and tribes. This reality is expressed clearly in the following verse: 

“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other) "(al-Hujurat, 49/13). 

As it is seen, “the whole mankind” is addressed in the verse and it is emphasized that they all came from “the same origin”. Then, the fact that men are divided into “different nations, tribes and clans” is based on a sociological reality is explained with the words “knowing each other”. It means this; the different position of men cannot be a means of denying each other, assimilating some of them and ignoring each other; it cannot be used as a ground for sowing the seeds of grudge, hatred and enmity in the community, either. Such an attitude is contrary to the wisdom of difference and plurality proposed by Allah.   

It is very interesting that today the symbol of the countries accepting the legitimacy of one another is the concept of “recognizing” that the Quran proposed fifteen centuries ago; for instance, the sentence, “State A recognized state B” is used to declare recognition. This shows that the acceptance of difference and plurality both in the country and abroad is an important step directed toward ensuring mutual recognition, solidarity, setting up social relations, ensuring tranquility and peace. Monotony and denial is a process that leads people to alienation, separation and fighting.   

For instance, if you say, “all of the flowers in our country are violets, all of the vegetables are tomatoes and all of the fruit are pears”, you will both tell lies and offend the others. To defend such a claim is disrespect to the wisdom of Allah, who proposes differences, and to the reflections of His names and attributes that make such a difference obligatory.   

It should be well-known that to act in accordance with the natural laws of Allah that are in effect in the universe is an attractive key to  being successful in the way of peace and  stability, and agreeing on the unity and association; to act contrarily to those laws is an inauspicious step that leads to separation.   

Consequently, it can be said that; 

- Turkey is like a solar system. Its different elements are like planets. Those planets are to move properly in their own axes and contribute to the functionality of the system. It is only possible by forming a medium of attraction. It depends on the existence of the powers of attraction like  mutual tolerance, love and respect in the axis of justice that holds different planets of Turkey together as it is described in the following verse: “It is not permitted to the Sun to catch up the Moon, nor can the Night outstrip the Day: each (just) swims along in (its own) orbit (according to Law).”(Ya Seen, 36/40). 

- Oxygen and hydrogen, which are two different atoms, come together in the form of a molecule and form water, the elixir of life; similarly, in order to bring about the humanity water of life, which is the elixir of peace, tranquility and fraternity in the molecule of Turkey, it is necessary for our different elements to be exposed to a brand-new chemical reaction and to be given life in the chemistry of human love.     

- To sum up, we should arrange our attitude toward our differences based on the message given by the following hadith:

“None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself.” (Bukhari, Iman 7; Muslim, Iman 71) 

Long live the alliances that contain differences!

Long live the alliances that regard differences as richness!

Long live those who go beyond their race and reach the consciousness of humanity!

Long live those who ensure unity in differences!

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