Ar-Rahman (The All Merciful)

Rahman means the One who gives His creatures endless benefactions and sustenance, meeting their needs and wishing goodness and mercy for His creatures. We see with our eyes that there is someone who has made the earth a dinner table, filled that table with the most delicious foods and invited all creatures there. Now let us look at these dining tables:

Here is the dining table of animals! Look, the sustenance of every animal is being given suitably when they need.

1- Here is the fish! How beautifully He feeds them and their sustenance is put in their mouths.Who feeds them so easily?

2- Here are the depths of seas! Darkness, desertedness, hard water and sand and helpless creatures! But none of those creatures’ sustenance is forgotten; none of them is left hungry and their needs are met perfectly. Who is the One who feeds them with compassion and making the depths of the sea a perfect dining table for them? And who is the One who equips them with necessary tools that enable them to benefit from that table?

3- Here are the insects! Small, weak and helpless! However, they are fed so easily. They are in need. They have no power. Some have no hands, eyes or feet. However how perfectly are their needs and sustenance given to them from where they cannot reach. Who is the One who shows mercy to these helpless creatures and meets their needs?

4-Here are the weak babies who need compassion! Their sustenance is given to them unexpectedly from where they cannot reach in a proper time and according to their needs. They are helped. However, they have no power to meet even one percent of their needs.  So, there is someone behind the veil who knows their needs and feeds them with mercy and compassion. Who is He? Let the Qur’an give the answer:

“There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance depends on Allah: He knoweth the time and place of its definite abode and its temporary deposit: all is in a clear Record.” (Hud 6)

And other needy ones who benefit from the table of the All Merciful One! Now let us look at the species of plants who are the guests of the All Merciful One! They are weaker and poorer compared to animals! However, despite their weakness, Allah, who is all-merciful, feeds them more easily. Their sustenance is sent to them. Sometimes the armies of clouds are sent as a help to those plants that scream because of heat and thirst. The sun is a lamp and stove over them and the soil under them is a reservoir which is full of minerals. They breathe the oxygen with their leaves that have the function of lungs.  

Who is the One who hears the scream of these plants and sends help to them with the hand of lifeless creatures?

And now, let us see the most glorious guest of this Divine dinner table! Man, who is cause of the setting of this table, vicegerent of the earth and special addressee of Allah, who is All Merciful! Let us see what Allah prepared for the man, for whose honor the tables are set and how the manifestation of the name of Rahman is shown on that tables!    

While Allah, who is the most merciful One, wants Himself to be loved with many of His embroidered fruits of His mercy and show His love and compassion with many different benefactions, if man does not let himself be loved by Allah through worshipping, will he be worthy of being called human when he does not respect Him by giving his thanks and praising in return for all?

As a matter of fact, our Lord states the reason of giving of all these benefactions in His book as follows:

“O ye who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided for you and be grateful to Allah if it is Him ye worship.” (al-Baqara, 172)

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