Al-Qahhar (The Ever-Dominant, The Conqueror)

Al-Qahhar means the one that overpowers and destroys his enemies, the one that has absolute victory and that can defeat his enemies any time.  

In this sense, the name Qahhar became manifest in many nations that rebelled against Allah like the nation of Ad, Thamud and Noah. Allah overpowered and destroyed those nations with His name Qahhar.

Again, the name Qahhar becomes manifest in earthquakes in which thousands of people die, floods, storms that uproot trees, hurricanes and material misfortunes; similarly, it becomes manifest in the misfortune of unbelief and disbelief, which is the real and biggest misfortune. 

For, those who are deprived of the bounty of belief experience trouble in their hearts and spirits by burning in a spiritual hell. It is also a manifestation of the name al-Qahhar since it is a spiritual destruction. Allah, who destroys them spiritually in this world, will also destroy them in Hell, which is the largest mirror of His name Qahhar, and show that He is the only owner of absolute victory. Yes, Hell will embrace all rebels as the mirror of His name Qahhar.

Since we came to this world in order to know Allah, who is the owner of this world, and to believe in Him and since there are windows that open to Him and ways that lead to Him in everything, we need to open windows to Him in everything and mention and glorify Him with the names in those windows. 

That is, when we see the ruins of a nation that was destroyed, we need to say, “O Allah, who destroys those who rebel against Him! You are Qahhar; You destroy those whom You wish. Your destruction occurs with Your justice. You hold the reigns of everything with Your hand of power. No rebel can escape your destruction and no oppressor can defy you. You grant a delay to people but you do not ignore and forget them…”

When we see the creatures of the spring that die in winter, we need to say, “O my Lord, who gives life to spring with His name al-Muhyi and who destroys them in winter with His name Qahhar! You can destroy, You are al-Qahhar. Every creature that dies in winter mention Your name al-Qahhar with their tongue of disposition; similarly, I join their circle of dhikr and mention You by saying, “O Qahhar! O Qahhar!…”

When we see thousands of people die and buildings collapse in an earthquake, we need to say, “O my Lord, who shakes the earth like a cradle with His power! The seal of Your name Qahhar is seen and its flag waves on the buildings that collapsed and the people that died. However, under the manifestation of the name Qahhar, Your mercy becomes manifest. You regard those believers who die in the earthquake as martyrs. You regard the troubles that they experience as atonement for their sins and you eradicate their sins just like trees shedding their leaves. You regard their destroyed goods as sadaqah. I know that the sins that we committed caused the manifestation of Your name Qahhar. O Sultan of the sultans! I take refuge in Your mercy from the manifestation of Your name Qahhar.

When we see storms, hurricanes and tornadoes whirl by uttering, “O Qahhar! O Qahhar!”, we need to say, “O my Lord, whose magnificence and grandeur make everything small, due to the glory of whose fear mountains break into pieces, to whose power and grandeur everything surrenders and whose fear makes everything humiliated! These storms and hurricanes are Your obedient soldiers and they are manifestations of Your name Qahhar. They make the world shiver by saying, “O Qahhar! O Qahhar! “ I mention Your name and glorify You by saying, “O Qahhar! O Qahhar!” though my voice is not as strong as theirs and though my sins make my voice hoarse…

The greatest lesson to be taken from the name Qahhar is as follows:

Man needs to look at the previous centuries and see the end of the rebellious and stubborn nations living there. He needs to understand that man is not at large and unattended. He can always be exposed to a blow of the name Jalal and Qahhar. The reason why he is not tortured because of his sins is the fact that Allah grants him a delay. Allah will never ignore and forget him.  

He needs to make use of this delay and avoid sins before he receives a blow from the name Qahhar.

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