The Adabs (good manners) of Salah (prayer)

The manners of prayer is an issue that comes after sunnah in terms of importance. They are also called "mustahab" (recommended). This is just like finishing a work perfectly; smoothing the material and  completing the polishing immaculately. The absence of them do not bring any sins to man but their existence increases the thawab (reward) and, so to speak, enables him to get good marks and brownie points in the end. The important manners like these are as follows:

1. Not to take the eyes off from the place of sajdah (prostration). (In ruku (bowing down), one should look at the top of his feet; while sitting, he should look at the direction of his hands.)

2. If he yawns, he should try not to open his mouth.

3. In the opening takbir, man should take his hands out of his sleeves.

4. He should avoid coughing as much as possible.

5. Standing up when "hayya ala's-salah" (come to the prayer) is uttered in prayers with congregation.

6. When "qad qamati's-salah" (the prayer has begun) is uttered, imam should start the prayer, (There are scholars who say that it is better for him to start after iqamah finishes.

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