Abdullah bin Makhrama (r.a.)

Abdullah became a Muslim in the first years of Islam. He had to migrate to Abyssinia in the face of the tortures of the polytheists. He migrated to Madinah from Abyssinia and gained the thawabs of two migrations. He took part in the battles of Badr, Uhud, Khandaq and the other battles.

Hz. Abdullah was a person of ilm (knowledge) virtue and taqwa. His greatest desire was to attain the rank of martyrdom. He always prayed to Allah Almighty for this. This prayer, which he said sincerely, was accepted. He became a martyr at the battle of Yamama. Hz. Abdullah fought heroically in this battle. He was wounded all over his body. It was the blessed month of Ramadan. He was fasting. He saw Abdullah Ibn Umar him while he was about to breathe his last. Abdullah was also looking for him. He asked,

"Abdullah, did you break your fast?" Abdullah said,

"Yes, I did." He asked him to bring some water with his shield. When Abdullah brought water, he saw that he had become a martyr. He was 41 years old then. [1]

[1] Isaba, 2: 368; Usdul-Ghaba, 4: 253; Tabaqat, 3: 404.

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