Aban bin Said (r.a.)

After the declaration of Islam, families were divided into two. While some of them were lucky enough to believe in the truths brought by the Prophet from his Lord, others continued to believe in wrong faiths blindly and insistently in. One of the people who insisted on remaining as an idolater though his brothers Khalid and Amr became Muslims was Aban bin Said. He could not accept their becoming Muslims. He recited poems like the following: "I wish I had died in Zariba and I had not seen Amr and Khalid slander the religion." In the Battle of Badr, he fought in the ranks of the polytheists.

Aban was a merchant. He often went to Damascus for business. Once, he met a priest in Damascus and talked to him. When the priest found out that he was from the tribe of Quraysh, he asked him if there was any news from his country.

Aban said, "A man emerged. He says that he is the Messenger of Allah and that what came to Moses (Musa) and Jesus (Isa) also came to him."

The face of the priest suddenly changed. He was already expecting such news. He read in his books that a prophet would come out of this tribe and that he would follow the path of Moses and Jesus. Then, he asked the name of this person. When Aban said, "Muhammad", the excitement of the priest increased more. He mentioned some of the attributes of the last prophet that he read in the books. Aban became excited too. He said, "He has all of the attributes you have mentioned." The priest was happy. The prophet he had been waiting for finally emerged. However, he could not afford to go and see him. He told Aban that this prophet would spread his religion to the whole world after coming into power in the Arab world. Then, he asked Aban to send his greetings to the Messenger of Allah.  

Aban had changed when he returned to Medina. The light of belief started to shine in his heart. Meanwhile, the Prophet had left Madinah for the Expedition of Umrah and was going to Makkah. However, the polytheists were determined not to allow him to enter Makkah. Thereupon, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) sent Hz. Uthman to Makkah as his envoy. Aban bin Said welcomed Hz. Uthman. He said, "Welcome. Do what you wish without hesitation." He took Hz. Uthman under his protection. Hz. Uthman fulfilled his duty in safety.

Aban could not wait any longer after the Treaty of Hudaybiyya. He became a Muslim before the conquest of Khaybar. The Prophet sent him to the region of Najd for a duty. Hz. Aban fulfilled this task too. However, he could not join the Battle of Khaybar because he was fulfilling his duty. He was sad. The Prophet gave Aban a share from the booty of this battle as if he had joined it.

Afterwards, the Messenger of Allah sent him to Bahrain to collect zakah and sadaqah. Aban carried out this duty until the death of the Messenger of Allah. He fulfilled the task that the Prophet assigned successfully.

Hz. Abu Bakr wanted him to continue the same duty. Hz. Aban said, "I will not accept the offer of anyone except the Messenger of Allah." When Hz. Abu Bakr insisted, he continued his duty.

It is narrated that Aban participated in the Battle of Ajnadin and was martyred in this battle.

May Allah be pleased with him! [1]

[1]Usdul-Ghaba, 1: 35-37.

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