5. Belief in Angels

Allah says the following about angels in the Quran:

The Messenger believeth in what hath been revealed to him from his Lord, as do the men of faith. Each one (of them) believeth in Allah, His angels, His books, and His Messengers (al-Bakara, 285).

The Fundamentals of belief are belief in Allah, belief in His Angels, belief in His Books, belief in His Prophets, belief in the hereafter, belief in the destiny respectively. Belief is only one of the realities emerging from these six fundamentals. It cannot be divided or separated. It cannot be divided into parts. It is not possible to believe in some of the fundamentals and not to believe in others. Each fundamental of belief proves the other fundamentals of belief with the evidences that prove themselves.


Allah is able to do all things. He can create a tree very easily and equip it with branches, knots, leaves, flowers and fruits; He can also create and creates a garden and even all the gardens on the earth as easily. Allah creates a cell easily with his endless power; he can also create and creates all of the cells, all animals from fish to lion and man as easily. We see them with our eyes.

Since Allahs power is endless, He can create and created man out of soil, angels out of light and jinns out of fire. Allah is able to create everything.
Jinns and angels are beings with souls and conscience like human beings. Men were created out of soil, angels out of light and jinn out of fire. Human beings and jinn were created to believe in Allah and to worship Him. However they were left free to carry out the duties of belief in Allah and worshipping Him. If they do it they will receive the reward if not the punishment. Angels were created only to worship Allah and carry out His orders. There is no disobedience by angels.

All of the angels obey the orders of Allah without any objection and worship Him. They have no gender like male or female. Jinn resemble man in one aspect. Some of them obey Allah and others disobey Him. They eat, drink and reproduce. The first evil jinni is Iblis (the devil). He disobeyed Allah because of his pride and went astray; he has been trying to tempt men since then.

The fact that our world, which is a small planet, has been filled with so many living beings with souls and conscience shows that the numerous stars and planets in the sky have been filled with living beings with souls and conscience. Otherwise the creation of the stars in the sky would be meaningless and without any reason or wisdom. However, Allah is Perfectly Wise; He wont do anything meaningless and nonsense.

Those residents of the sky that have various species are called angels and spiritual beings by the Quran. They were created in such a way to adapt to the conditions of the medium they live in. Therefore, an angel that lives in the sun can wander on the surface, in or through the layers of the sun like men wander in the vineyards and gardens.

The purpose of the creation of the beings with conscience is to believe in Allah and to worship Him. Angels, like men and jinn, believe and worship. They watch this palace of world. They contemplate on the beings in the universe and they proclaim it.

The duties of the angels are somewhat similar to those of men. The purpose of the creation of man and being sent to this world is also valid for angels and spiritual beings. Allah says the following in a divine hadith: I was a secret treasure; I created the creatures to make myself known. So, one of the most important reasons and wisdoms of the creation of the universe is the recognition and proclamation of the Lord by looking at the universe by the creatures with intelligence and conscience. Everything in the universe makes Allah, who created the universe, known with his beautiful nouns clearly as a pin makes its maker and a letter makes its writer known. No doubt, a simplest work of art cannot be without a master; similarly this universe and the creatures in it cannot be without a Creator; it is impossible.

Since Allah created the universe to make Himself known by the beings with intelligence and conscience, there wont be any places in the universe without beings with intelligence and conscience. They will know Him, worship Him in the moon and in the sun, in the stars and in the galaxies and in the worlds that we do not know.

The human body was created in accordance with the living conditions in the world. For instance, fish were created in accordance with the living conditions in water. Angels were created in accordance with the living conditions of the world they live in. Angels were created out of light. Therefore fire does not harm them; and their presence in the stars does not harm them either because they were created out of light. Angels wander on the sun and through all its layers watching the miracles of Allahs power, contemplating and worshipping as man wander in the vineyards and gardens contemplating.

The food of the angels is light or things similar to light. For instance, the recital of the Quran, beautiful words and meanings, even the beautiful scents are a kind of food for angels. Bad smells are things that they do not like. Therefore our Prophet (PBUH) wore nice scents and recommended it.

One of the clearest evidences for the existence of angels is the Quran. The Quran informs us that angels exist. Since the Quran is the word of Allah, all of its evidences are the evidences of the existence of angels.

Similarly, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) informs us about the existence of angels. The prophethood evidences of the Prophet are the evidences of the existence of angels. Works displayed in an exhibition want people that can understand those works. Similarly, the wonderful and adorned works of art and nice embroidery of Allah exhibited in the universe want people who will watch them. The watching by the human beings will not suffice. There should be other conscious beings too. They are angels.

Another piece of evidence from the universe is that various creatures are created out of things like soil around us. The being that creates creatures out of soil and decayed materials can create and created creatures from fire and light.


Angels are conscious and intelligent beings like human beings; they were created out of light. Their food is worshipping Allah, glorifying and praising Allah, beautiful words and meanings, and nice scents.

The following is stated in a hadith:

"I see what you do not see and I hear what you do not hear. Now the sky hummed, it deserved to hum. There is not enough space in the sky for four fingers to occupy; there are angels everywhere prostrating to Allah." (Tirmizi, Zuhd 9, 2313).

Angels can be in many places at the same time with the permission of Allah, they may have different forms too. As people on television seem in a lot of places at the same time, angels can be in many places at the same time. For instance, Hazrat Azrael can appear in more than one place at the same time and take the souls of a lot of people.

Angels are the creatures and slaves of Allah that obtained His blessing and grants. They never disobey the orders of Allah. They do whatever they are ordered to do. They do not have human weaknesses like self-importance, pride and ambition. The number of the angels is too many to be calculated. The farthest corners of the sky and the space are full of angels. Each one of the stars and planets we see in the sky is like a mosque for angels.


There are many kinds of angels. Their duties are different. Some kinds and their duties are mentioned in the Quran. Angels are in charge of glorifying and worshipping Allah in accordance with their talents. Four of them are archangels. Their names are Jibril, Mikail, Israfel, Azrael.

Hazrat Jibril is in charge of conveying the orders of Allah to prophets by revelation. One of the continuous duties of Hazrat Jibril is to convey and explain the orders of Allah to human beings. This is his worshipping duty.

Hazrat Mikail is in charge of supervising all of the creatures in the world on behalf of Allah by His permission. Allahs mercy manifests itself as the food and drinks of these creatures in the largest sense and in the nicest way. It is necessary to thank Allah for His numerous grants and favors like those food and drinks. It is Hazrat Mikail who represents the thanks of the unconscious beings as a conscious being. He also worships continuously by supervising the grants of Allah.

Hazrat Israfel is in charge of blowing Soor (the trumpet) by the permission of Allah when it is due. In the first blowing all of the beings in the heavens and on the earth will die; in the second blowing all of the dead will be resurrected.

The most awesome and terrifying actions of Allah in the world of the living are reviving, giving life and sending beings to the other world by death. The duty of supervising these happenings was given to Hazrat Israfel and Hazrat Azrael. This duty is their worshipping of Allah. They are not the assistants of Allah.

Hazrat Azrael is in charge of taking the souls of people and keeping them by the permission of Allah.


Kiraman Katibin (Honorable Recorders). Two angels were appointed for each man by the permission of Allah; one to record the good deeds, the other to record the sins.

Angels guarding men. They are appointed to protect men from troubles and misfortunes by the permission of Allah.

Angels praying for men. Some angels were appointed to pray for believers by the permission of Allah.

Munkar-Nakir angels. They are appointed to interrogate people in the grave. Their attitude towards each person is different in accordance with their deeds. They expand the graves of believers, make them spacious, free believers from loneliness and become intimate friends with them in the grave.


1. When man contemplates on the universe, he feels alone and needy in the endless space. If he knows the existence of angels, he will understand that he is not alone and that like the earth, the universe is full of conscious beings created in accordance with the living conditions of the universe and that glorify and worship Allah, and his soul will be freed from terror and wildness.

2. If man has good deeds he wants his good deeds to be saved and not to be lost. By believing in Kiraman Katibin (Honorable Recorders), he knows that his good deeds are saved and he tries to do more good deeds. Thinking the rewards of his good deeds in the hereafter, he feels kind of the pleasures of the hereafter and Paradise even in the world.

3. Believers who are inclined to do bad deeds refrain themselves from bad deeds, oppression and aggression thanks to belief in angels by saying, There are Allahs angels that record whatever I do.

4. The terrible face of death seems beautiful thanks to belief in Hazrat Azrael. Therefore he sees Azrael as a compassionate friend.

5. The pleasure that a worshipping believer takes from mentioning Allahs name and remembering him, from worship increases one thousand times because he knows that angels and spiritual beings listen to him.


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