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Every spring on the face of the earth a glorious army is raised to life which consists of three hundred thousand species of living beings of infinite variety. With its innumerable members, all of whose lives and necessities are given them with perfect order and regularity. (The Rays)

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The refuge of people, and particularly of Muslims, and a sort of Paradise, and a small world, is family life. (The Flashes)

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In Ramadan the believers experience enlightenment, fruitfulness, and spiritual joys which differ according to their degrees. Their subtle faculties, such as the heart, spirit, and intellect, make great progress and advancement in that blessed month by means of fasting. They laugh with innocent joy in spite of the stomach’s weeping (Letters)

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O you man who considers himself to be a true man! Read yourself! Otherwise it is possible you will a man who is either animal-like or inanimate. (The Words)

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“Things are known through their opposites.” For example, if there was no darkness, light would not be known and would contain no pleasure. If there was no cold, heat could not be comprehended. (The Flashes)

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