Does God always answer prayers?

It seems that God doesn't always answer our prayers. Is this true?

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SA, mashaallah, very nice work, jazakallah, the atmosphere and the way subject is pointed. However dialogs can be improved as you get experience. and inshaallah we can help you to achieve this. As to the topic we discuss, the feeling of "My Rubb is hearing my voice, knowing my heart" is the first and urgent reply to our prayers. The original text: "Cenab-ı Hak, Hakîm-i Mutlak hazır, nâzır olduğu için, abdin duasına cevab verir. Vahşet ve kimsesizlik dehşetini, huzuruyla ve cevabıyla ünsiyete çevirir. Sözler ( 317 )" Then, the main reason we've been put into such a position that we are in need of sth, is Allah wants to teach us sth.related to our worship. Such as patience or thanks or a wisdom behind our position. The fruits of our prayer pertain to the hereafter.The Words ( 325 ) This kind of positions open our view to qadar and help us to see a wider area and the main reason behind the events. And finally the main goal of what we live is to open a door to our Rubb's Mercy, a point to open our heart to Him. These are some points that can really touch my heart and mind. slm and dua.
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