Denial in the face of Proving has no value at all

Denial in the face of Proving has no value at all and has very little strength. For example, in order to understand the beginning of Ramadan, it is enough to see the moon in the shape of crescent.  So, when two persons prove the existence of the crescent moon by saying that “we have seen it”, which is an indicator of the beginning of Ramadan, but as opposed to them thousands of notables and scholars deny them by saying “we haven’t”, then their denial would be insignificant and has no strength. And regardless of their denial, it will be accepted that Ramadan has started. That is, the word of two persons, “we have seen it” instead of the word of a thousand people, “we haven’t” will be preferred.

The explanation of this truth is as follows: Proving supports one another and becomes strong. On the other hand, there is no difference in denial even it is made by one or a thousand; deniers remain alone. The person who proves does not look at his own self and thought. He looks at the outside and judges based on truth. For example, someone says: “There is a moon in the sky”, his friend approves it and sees the same; they come together and become strong.

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