Chapter 15: The Proof of Training

Chapter 15 - The Proof of Training

When we see commandos going down from the top level of an apartment building to its bottom with ropes, we are amazed, we applaud, and we compliment them. Could a spider do a better job than a commando? With the string that it weaves, the spider goes up and down in a flash. A commando could never match the speed of a spider, and could only be an apprentice. To hunt its prey, the spider ties itself to the tree with its string and jumps on top of its victim. The string is strong enough to carry both itself and its prey. While its prey sticks to the web, the spider has a liquid on its legs that prevent it from being stuck. Like with the spider, when we look at the universe carefully, we can see that every creature has its own duty and its own specific conditions for life.

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