Belief in Qadar E16: Is man a prisoner of Qadar? (CHAPTER 3)

In this video, you are going to learn the answer of the following question; Is man a prisoner of Qadar? This question will be discussed in 6 chapters. Each chapter contains various examples. In this chapter, the answer of this question has been answered with the example of distance between two provinces. The distance between Istanbul and Ankara is 500 kilometers. Our knowledge about the distance and the recording of it in the books are knowledge. The thing known is the distance itself. The same thing is valid here, too. Our knowledge is dependent on the known. In this example, the known is that the distance between Istanbul and Ankara is 500 kilometers. Instead of the rule "knowledge is dependent on the known", if the known had been dependent on knowledge, that is, if this distance had been 500 kilometers because of our knowledge, when we supposed the distance as 1000 kilometers, the known (the distance) would have gone up to 1000 kilometers. When we supposed the distance as one meter, we would have reached from Istanbul to Ankara by taking only one step. However, none of them happens. No matter what we know, our knowledge has no effect on the thing known. Only when we know that the distance is 500 kilometers miles, we know it truly. In our other assumptions, we know it wrongly. Likewise, the distance between our birth and our death and all of our deeds at this distance are the things known. The knowledge of Allah about "the things known" and writing them in the book of qadar, which is the title of the knowledge of Allah, is "knowledge".

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