Belief in Qadar E15: Is man a prisoner of Qadar? (CHAPTER 2)

In this video, you are going to learn the answer of the following question; Is man a prisoner of Qadar? This question will be discussed in 6 chapters. Each chapter contains various examples. In this chapter, the answer of this question has been answered with two examples. The first one is the example of safe box and the other is the example of calendar. Although man is extremely weak, ignorant, and dependent on time and place, he can know what time the sun will rise and set next year, and writes them in the calendar. And nobody has wrong ideas like this: "In the calendar, the times of sunrise and sunset were written; so, the sun is bound to rise and set at these times. If this writing had not existed, the sun would not have risen and set at these times." Then, why cannot we understand that Allah, who has infinite power, endless knowledge, who is free from time and place, who is pre-eternal, can write in the book of qadar, which is like a calendar, the day we would be born and the day we would die and all of our deeds between these dates? We know that the cause of sunrise is not the writing in the calendar. Then, why cannot we understand the fact that the cause of our deeds is not the writing in the qadar calendar; on the contrary, they were written there because we would do these deeds in the future; that is, the knowledge of Allah is dependent on the known (our deeds)? Why do we try to blame qadar for our sins?

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