Belief in Qadar (Destiny) E01: The importance of Belief in Qadar

Belief in qadar is an issue that many people cannot understand. The following questions can come to the mind of almost all people:

- Does qadar change?

- Why am I considered to be guilty since Allah recorded in my qadar that I would commit sins?

- Is marriage also qadar?

- Why is the murderer considered to be guilty since it is written in the qadar of the person that he would die?

- Would the murdered have lived if the murderer had not killed him?

- Since it is recorded in our qadar that we will go to Paradise or hell, why are we tested in our life?

- Can I change my qadar?"

- Is Allah pre-eternal?

- What is the meaning of being pre-eternal?

Our aim is to attain the consent of Allah by explaining the issue of qadar to the hearts and minds wounded by the issue of qadar.

In this work, you will find answers to all questions that you may have wondered about regarding the issue of qadar.

We will explain qadar and answer all questions about it with the certainty of "two times two equals four” without confusion and without doubt. Help and grace is from Allah.

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